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Venezulean MW Log

Logs 530 - 990 kHz

By Don Moore


532 TURKS & CAICOS R Vision Cristiana 7 0100 Sp rel, "Lo Voz de Dios para las Americas." Very strong.

540 VEN R Perija, Villa del Rosario 29 1931-1934 Trop mx, several IDs. Fair no QRM. Dominant station all times of day.

COL R Autentica, Bogota 14 1059 ID mixing w/ Perija.

550 VEN R Mundial, Caracas 31 0136-0145 Exc w/ trop mx, ID lottery numbers. Dominant at all times.

COL R Nacional, Medellin 12 0157-0201 Good w/ instr mx, // 570, 580.

560 COL R Nacional, Tunja 31 0145-0209 Fair o/u QRM, //570.

COL La Voz de la Pampa, Maicao 31 0202-0208 Fair w/ coverage of Feria de Cali, mixing w/ Nacional. Presumed as only other HJ listed.

VEN R Exitos, Rubio 1 1920-1950 Good w/ IDs "5-60 en el aire" and "Exitos 5-60". LONG string of New Year's best wishes anmts sponsored by various businesses, mayors of San Cristobal & Junin, & particular families. Included Panaderia Victoria & Electro Auto Hernandez. Greetings to listeners in Cucuta, Colombia "donde nuestra sintonia es bastante aceptable." 11 0056 w/ slogan "la estacion bi-national."

570 COL R Nacional, Bogota 31 0145-0209 Exc w/ pgm on history of Colombian salsa mx. //560. ID at 0209.

VEN R Rumbos, Villa de Cura 31 0150 poor under the HJ w/ ID, chimes, & Noti-Rumbos newscast.

CUBA R Reloj, 0933 characteristic ID w/ morse amid QRM.

580 COL R Nacional, Cali 7 2333 very poor // 570, 580.

PUERTO RICO WKAQ, San Juan 7 2335-2356 Dominant w/ IDs as WKAQ- Radio Reloj" "WKAQ - El Poder Informativo" and "WK - tu radio". Nx w/ public service anmts advising people to consume more vegetables and to not go to medical laboratories that are not properly authorized.

VEN LV la Fe, Maracaibo 1 1952-2017 Exc w/ trop mx, ID "Desde Maracaibo, para Venezuela y la America, las ondas computizadas de su nueva Voz de la Fe." Slogan - "Para proyectarnos en grande hacia el futuro de Venezuela. Promo for "Arperia Nacional" pgm, Monday-Friday at 8-9 a.m.. Phones 91-16-83, 91-17-92, 91-17-95. Henrik Klemetz notes the program name is probably "Arpegio Nacional"

590 COL CARACOL Antioquia, Medellin 31 0145-0150 Fair amid QRM w/ local anmts, ID, aguardiente ad.

VEN R Reloj Continente, Caracas 13 1010 Fair w/ nx, ads. 595

DOMINICA DBS, Rosseau 7 2203 Fair w/ DBS ID, local nx.

600 COL R Libertad, Barranquilla 13 2232 Good w/ ID, local anmts.

CUBA R Rebelde, 7 2357 Good w/ "Rebelde, La Habana" ID, Eng pop mx.

VEN R Alto Llano, Santa Barbara de Barinas 29 1938-1943 Fair, no QRM. Short speech about stn's wishes for listeners to have a good 1995. "Diez anos de exitos en Radio Alto Llano." "Todo el llano venezolano." Trop mx.

610 COL RCN 6-10 Bolero, Bogota 7 2257-2312 Good w/ romantic mx, IDs, "Feliz Ano Nuevo con el amor de 6-10 Bolero, RCN." Little song about RCN's best wishes for listeners' during 1995. Promo for auto racing coverage on RCN & Antena Dos. Dominant station on frequency.

CUBA R Reloj, 7 2257 Distinctive morse "R" under RCN. 620 COL Colmundo R, Cali 31 0210 Good w/ ad for a brand of chicken, temperture, ID, mentions of Cali.

NICARAGUA R Nicaragua, Managua 12 0202-0207 Fair w/ QRM. In midst of "La Nueva Vida" religious pgm, but two clear IDs, so pgm is not canned, or at least is prepared especially for Radio Nicaragua.

VEN R Libertad, Cabimas 1 2020-2026 trop mx, IDs. Heard several times, and all the ancrs seemed to slur the ID a lot. The first time I heard it, I thought the ID was "Radio Universal."

630 COL R Manizales 13 0730 trop mx & anmt "TODELAR es la radio de la familia Colombiana."

640 COL RCN, Santa Marta 31 0229 RCN ID, Feria de Cali info. Fair.

VEN R Carora 1 2026 Good w/ trop mx, "Radio Carora, primer lugar en sintonia."

650 COL Antena Dos, Bogota 13 0858 Exc w/ trop mx, ID. Dominant at all times. Couldn't get a trace of anything else.

660 COL R Autentica, Cali 13 0859 Fair w/ ID as "Cadena Autentica de Colombia."

COL Colmundo R, Cucuta 1 2030-2055 Good w/ non-stop trop mx, finally ID & TC at 2054. Usually dominant.

670 COL RCN, Medellin 29 0344 Fair w/ HJ ads, over Rumbos. Consistently stronger than Rumbos.

VEN R Rumbos, Caracas 29 0344 Noti-Rumbos, under RCN.

680 PUERTO RICO WAPA Guapa Radio, San Juan 13 0930 Puerto Rican nx w/ mentions of Bayamon, Ponce de Leon. IDs as "Guapa la Radio."

USA WPTF, Raleigh NC 14 0758 ID in mess, into net nx. Presumably the same stn hrd here with weak Eng several times in early morning hours.

UNID 13 1020 Exc w/ classical mx. Not // 570,580, so if Radio Nacional de Colombia, then a different program. Not sure who else would be putting in such a powerhouse signal, though. Also odd not heard later in morning.

690 COL R Deportes, Bogota 13 0712-0719 promo for coverage of futbol, ID. Interesting tropical version of the old Rascals' song "Good Lovin'." Exc & dominant at all times. Got traces of other stns, but nothing good enough to ID.

700 COL CARACOL, Cali 3 0708 // 810 kHz, fair w/ some QRM.

VEN R Popular, Maracaibo 1 2043 trop mx, ferreterria ad, "Radio Popular, la senal (infatible?)."

705 ST VINCENT NBC 705 Radio 7 2232 Presumed w/ weak OM talk in Caribbean English.

710 COL R Super, Medellin 9 0215 Fair w/ Radio Super de Colombia ID, talk.

VEN R Capital, Caracas 29 1925 Poor in null of spur of local 1040 w/ anmts & TC.

720 COL Transmisora Quindio, Armenia 29 0327-0332 Good, taking its turn on top, w/ Xmas wishes to listeners & clients, several IDs, children talking.

JAMAICA RJR, Kingston 29 0317-0321 Good in Eng w/ time check, into obituaries, but quickly faded away at 0321.

VEN R Oriente, Porlamar 29 0325-0328 suddenly faded up out of mess w/ trop mx, several anmts "Feliz Navidad desde Margarita," "Radio Oriente, la senal de Venezuela," and ""Esta es la musica con el sabor del pueblo." 7 2204 w/ ID "Desde la isla de Margarita para el mundo, Radio Oriente, la senal de Venezuela. Esta es la hora de Venezuela...". Promo for morning show of YV folk mx - "Playas, llanos, montanas, entre pueblos y ciudades, y sobre todo, la musica de nuestras mas valiosas artistas. Sesenta minutos dedicados con gran placer a nuestros viajeros por la ruta 720 de Radio Oriente."

730 COL R Melodia, Bogota 3 0654 Good w/ trop mx, "Todos los exitos en Melodia" ID. 7 2207 Fair w/ ID "Melodia, la grande." Generally the dominant station.

VEN R Frontera, San Antonio 29 1920 weak w/ trop mx, ads for Expresos Tachira busline, Liquoreria Europa.

740 VEN R Caroni, Puerto Ordaz 3 0655 weak w/ ID in null of Maracaibo & TC five minutes fast.

VEN R Maracaibo 29 1915 Fair w/ romantic mx, "Radio Maracaibo con las canciones

??" 3 0653 w/ religious program w/ rel pop mx. ID at 0704 then back to relig pgm.

750 COL CARACOL Medellin 13 0850 CARACOL talk show // 810. Dominant at all times. Never a trace of anything else.

760 COL RCN, Barranquilla 29 0312 Fair w/ splatter from RCN on 770. Anmts mentioning Barranquilla, then into talk on Feria de Cali. Not // 770. 3 0632 w/ nx // 770.

PUERTO RICO WORA, Mayaguez 3 0633 Fair w/ long ad string w/ several mentions of Puerto Rico & Mayaguez.

VEN R Popular, Trujillo 7 2318 Exc w/ trop mx, ID. WRTH 94 lists "Mundial Primera" & WRTH '95 lists "La Primera 7-60", but neither ID heard. No Mundial pgm or IDs noted at all.

770 COL RCN Bogota 3 0618 Exc w/ ID, nx. Always dominant. Never a trace of anything else.

780 VEN R Coro 3 0620-0630 Dominant & good w/ interesting medley mixing Eng songs from Hair with Spanish ones from Godspell. ID "Radio Coro, 57 anos en primer lugar," into trop mx w/anmts "La madrugada es de Radio Coro, siempre arriba." 14 0735 Good w/ trop mx, anmt "Senor conductor, esta es Radio Coro, su mejor compania."

VEN Ecos del Torbes, San Cristobal 29 1910 Good w/ ID, Loteria de Tachira anmt, trop mx. "Su emisora predilecta" slogan. Noticiero presented by Banco de Venezuela. 11 1140 w/ nx & ID.

790 COL La Voz de Colombia, Medellin 29 0309 pull in null of Radio Minuto w/ romatnic pop vocals, "La Voz de Colombia ... La emisora de los grandes exitos." 3 0603 Dominant & strong. "La Voz de Colombia, primera en su corazon" and "La Voz de Colombia, mas romantica."

PANAMA Southern Command Network, Fort Clayton 3 0603-0614 English, poor, mixing w/ the HJ w/ various sports feeds from domestic nets (got the bowl scores!) & AFRTS ID.

VEN R Minuto, Barquisimeto 29 0305 Good w/ trop mx, ID "Las noches son mas alegres con Radio Minuto, La Barquisimetana." Could not get this one again despite several tries, even in Valera which wasn't that far away. Curious.

800 BONAIRE Trans World Radio 13 0914 w/ ID "La emisora del mensaje diferente." Exc signal in evening, but not 24H as in WRTH 94 - on 3 at 0600 there wasn't even an open carrier on the frequency.

VEN R Fe y Alegria, Guasdalito 29 1901 Fair, no sign of TWR during the day. Trop mx, long string of Xmas/New Years wishes messages from various advertisers & families.

810 COL CARACOL, Bogota 3 0600 ID. Dominant all the time - not a sign of anything else on this frequency!

820 COL CARACOL, Cali 29 0253 Several stns mixing. Pgm about Feria de Cali, ad for "El Deporte Grafico" sports newspaper. ID as "Aqui CARACOL Cali" at hour.

VEN R Guadalupana, Coro 1 2101 Poor w/ YL nx, OM ID.

830 COL R Deportes, Medellin 13 1057 Presumed w/ several anmts mentioning Colombia. Heavy QRM.

ST KITTS R Paradise 7 2236 Eng w/ rel pgm. Presumed. Heavy QRM.

VEN R Sensacion, Caracas 13 1057 Ad string, "Sensacion Ocho Trienta" ID., Loteria de Caracas.

840 COL HJ Doble K, Neiva 3 0547-0615 Strong w/ ranchera ballads, ID as HJ Doble K.

850 COL R Recuerdos, Bogota 1 0550-0617 romantic mx, short stn ranchera mx jingle, ID "Radio Recuerdos, 8-50 AM, mas compania."

VEN R Fe y Alegria, Maracaibo 1 2056-2115 trop mx, "Sintonizas 8-50 AM, Fe y Alegria en el corazon del dial" and "Bienvenidos 1995, lo nuevo es por 8-50, Fe y Alegria" and "Somos una gran familiar, la familia Fe y Alegria."

860 VEN R Mundial, San Cristobal 29 1847 "Radio Mundial, primer lugar" and "La emisora de la buena suerte." 8 0203 announcing 24H, which seemed to be the case from my tuning.Henrik Klemetz notes that the reason they use the slogan "The station of good luck" is because they are located in the Loteria de Tachira building.

860.2 COL LV de Canaguate, Valledupar 14 1100 ID "La Voz de Canaguate va con usted. Gracias por escucharnos. Somos potencia fronteriza." Into Noticiero Testimonio 24 program. Fair w/ some Mundial QRM.

870 COL LV Tolima, Ibague 8 0159 "Esta es La Voz del Tolima, una emisora con potencia para una audiencia ??," into folk mx.

COL R Mar Caribe, Barranquilla 12 1245 Presumed w/ Barranquilla ads.

880 COL CARACOL, Bucaramanga 8 0157 net ID, live pgm from Feria de Manizales. Fair, some Paraguana QRM.

VEN R Paraguana, Punta Cardon 29 1838 Sp pops "Paraguana 90" and "Paraguana 8-80, la emisora de '95." 3 0545 strong w/ trop mx. No call letters hrd on this. See that the '95 WRTH still doesn't have them, either.

885 MONTSERRAT R Mont 7 2208-2221 Eng w/ international nx, promo for "The Golden Years" program on Sundays, "The only radio station to listen to when you're cruising the Caribbean."

890 COL R Galeon, Sta Marta 3 0542 trop mx, TC w/ TODELAR chimes. "Viva bien informado, sintonize a Radio Galeon, la actualidad ? de Santa Marta." Very strong.

COL R Continetnal, Bogota 29 0248 TODELAR ID, // Cali on 900.2. Good.

895 ST KITTS Voice of Nevis 7 2222-2236 Eng w/ Carib pops, local wx, "895 Radio" Id. Fair.

900 VEN R Mara Ritmo, Maracaibo 29 1833 Dominant w/ trop mx, IDs. 8 0125-0150 w/ pgm of birthday greetings to listeners, several differnt birthday songs. Good. Hrd several other times as well. Always IDs simply as Mara Ritmo, without the frequency as it is listed in the WRTH '95.

900.2 COL La Voz de Cali, Cali 29 0236-0248 Live pgm from Feria de Cali, Banco de Colombia ad, La Voz de Cali ID. Interview w/ member of Yerbabuena band.

910 SAN ANDRES? RCN 29 0228 Fair w/ promo for pgming from upcoming Feria de Manizales, RCN Id. Hard to believe at 1 kW. Might there be another HJ RCN here?

VEN RQ-910, Caracas 29 0230 folk mx, "RQ-910 con la musica de Venezuela" mixing w/ RCN stn.

920 COL Columndo R, Ibague 13 1048 Fair in mess w/ anmts about Feria de Manizales, Colmundo Ibague ID.

VEN R San Carlos 1 2118-2145 Mix of EE/SP pops, including interesting version of "Rock Around the Clock" sung by a YL in heavily accented Eng. Rather 'hip' ancr. "Radio San Carlos, su mejor compania" and "Esto no es una tormenta. Esto es otra cosa." Contest to guess how old the station is. Ad for Panaderia Los Colorados. Fun to listen to.

930 COL LV Bogota 8 0150 Fair w/ romantic pops, ID in Montserrat null.

MONTSERRAT Radio Antilles 29 0217 Fair w/ VOA Eng pgm. Not // 5995, so presume tape delayed. Also, subject was the Miami summit, so a bit dated.

VEN R Maracay 13 1044 Poor w/ Maracay area nx in Bogota null.

940 COL RCN Cucuta 29 0154 "RCN, revolucion de la radio" ID, promo for 24H nx coverage. 29 1828 Dominant w/ "Primero en todo, RCN" ID, nx.

VEN R Punto Fijo 12 1238 romantic mx, "Radio Punto Fijo informando todo el tiempo."

950 COL CARACOL Pereira 13 0955 poor w/ CARACOL nx // 810.

VEN R Informativa, Caracas 13 1002 string of stn promos, "Radio Informativa, siempre en la onda con noticias" and "La nueva 950 AM, Radio Informativa" and "La emisora estelar de noticias de Radio Informativa", then into nx.

960 COL CARACOL, Magangue 29 1917 CARACOL nx, fair, mixing w/ San Sebastian.

VEN R Mundial, Acarigua 13 1035 pops & ID, mixing w/ CARACOL & San Seb.

VEN R San Sebastian, San Cristobal 29 1817-1826 trop mx, "Noticiero San Sebastian, primer lugar" and "Somos los ojos, la voz, y el sonido de la vuelta." The vuelta is a big international bicycle race held in Tachira state in mid-January just before the Feria de San Sebastian. 13 1035 w/ Pgm "Mexico, Colombia, y Venezuela" of ranchera mx.

970 COL RCN Guajira, Maicao 5 0255 local ID w/ call then nx. Poor in mess.

VEN R Continente 970, Maracay 14 0743 w/ list of stns incl this one then into trop mx. Heavy QRM.

980 COL Antena Dos, Cali 13 1030 Exc w/ RCN IDs, nx, // 990. 980.9 COL R Punto, Cucuta 29 1807 Good w/ Sp pops, "Radio Punto, como siempre" ID. 12 1230 Good w/ instr mx, ID as "Radio Punto Internacional".

990 COL RCN, Medellin 5 0248 Fair w/ ID, interview.

VEN R Mundial Tricolor, Barquisimeto 31 2101 String of New Year's wishes from various companies. Pop mx. "En los ultimos momentos del '94, sigue escuchando la mejor programmacion de fin del ano por Mundial Tricolor."

Loggings 1000 - 1615 kHz.

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