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Radio La Voz de
San Antonio


The following item is copyrighted 1996 by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki and Relampago DX. Itis placed here with his permission.

5645.8V Radio La Voz de San Antonio, Bambamarca; Thanks to a tip from Robert Wilkner via Mosquito Coast 212, this new frequency was also confirmed in Tokyo. I first observed it at 1147 on 13/03/96. The station drifted between 5645.97kHz and 5645.68kHz. On 10/04/96 ID was announced "Desde Bambamarca .... Radio La Voz de San Antonio en 5645kc banda de 60 metros onda corta." Note: When I visited Bambamarca in January 1995, the electricity has been supplied only in the local evening at 2300-0600. So Radio La Voz de San Antonio operated only at 2300-0500, not in the morning. The station uses the secondhand transmitter of Onda Popular. Its former nominal frequency is 6627.5kHz and its nominal power is 0.25kW (but modulated at 50%). Studio/transmitter plant is located at: Jr. Alfonso Ugarte 732, Bambamarca, Provincia de Hualgayoc, Departamento de Cajamarca.


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