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Radio Oriental, Peru


The following item is taken from Relampago DX by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki. (Por las Rutas del Peru 17). It is placed here with permission.

Radio Oriental, one of the stations established in the Province of San Ignacio, Department of Cajamarca, first emerged on 5179.0 in early April 1994. The station, which should not be confused with R. Nor Oriental in Rodriguez de Mendoza, Department of Amazonas (5271.7) and OBX2R, R. Oriental in Jaen, Department of Cajamarca (750 MW and 96.5 FM), identified itself with a popular name derived from the political division named "Region Nor Oriental del Maranon," where the station operated. Announcing with the ID, "Desde el pueblo de San Ignacio, tierra generosa, transmite R. Oriental, la emisora de su preferencia," this station transmitted from the fertile land of San Ignacio. Reportedly the station signed on around 1100 and signed off around 0130, but it was not confirmed whether the shortwave transmission was uninterruptedly carried from morning to night, or was broadcast in two separate time slots. Radio Oriental was probably the most short-lived shortwave station which ever broadcast from the Province of San Ignacio, and was occasionally heard between early April and late June of 1994. In truth, the station was not widely heard anywhere in the world, and it was generally difficult to hear R. Oriental in Japan. However, the station was monitored on rare occasions in Japan when it carried its morning transmission with the standard folklore program. At that time, it was observed on the measured frequency of 5179.07.

After R. Oriental apparently vanished from the shortwave bands in late June of 1994, I tried to make contact with the station by sending a number of reception reports with questionnaires. However, R. Oriental made no reply to my reception reports. While it was broadcasting on shortwave, the station announced that it was also transmitting on MW and FM, although the nominal frequencies were not exactly described. I suspected that perhaps it was still in operation on MW or FM for the local audience until I arrived in San Ignacio. Unfortunately, even in San Ignacio I could not hear the station on any of the broadcast bands. During my stay there I attempted to trace the undiscovered history of this station by talking to several people working at other local stations, but none of the people to whom I spoke could give me the information needed, such as the owner's name, the station facilities' location, or the programming. Consequently it is not clear that why the station ceased its transmission, and where its broadcasting equipment was moved to. Station address: San Ignacio, Provincia de San Ignacio, Departamento de Cajamarca, Peru.


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