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Radio La Hora, Peru


The following item was written by Hirotsugu Nabeshima and is taken from Edition #5 (1992) of LA DXing (pages 64-65), as published by Radio Nuevo Mundo It is placed here with permission.

Tourists who come to Peru generally visit Cusco, known as the "Archaeological Capital of America'. Cusco has a population of some 300,000 and is located at 3399 meters above sea level. It is a very famous sightseeing city, surrounded by many ruins like Sacsayhuaman, Quenco, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Machupicchu, etc. Cusco was the capital of the Tawantinsuyo Empire: it was the center of government of the four ample regions (suyos) forming the fabled Inca Empire. Nowadays Cusco has the superimposition and intermingling of three cultures: the native Quechua Indian, the conquering Colonial Spanish and the modern.

I received Radio La Hora's SW transmission on December 28, 1985 on 4977.2 kHz with some RNM'ers in Miyako DXpedition in Japan. On October 7, 1989 I noticed their QSY to 4859.8 kHz, signing on at 10:35 UTC. Just before this QSY, Radio Comercial Educativa from La Peca, Bagua, Peru, started its test transmission on this frequency. And in July, 1991 Radio La Hora was confirmed on 4910 kHz, ex-�frequency of Radio Tawantinsuyo. Instead, Radio Tawantinsuyo was reported on 4977.3 kHz in June 1991 (it may be because they belong to the same radio network owned by the same Montesinos family.) And finally from August 1991 Radio La Hora seems to be stabilized on 4855.6 kHz.

During my stay in Cusco, I visited 8 radio stations. One of them was Radio La Hora. I visited their studios located at Jr. San Andres 486, a few blocks from "Plaza de Armas", on February 29, 1988. As soon as I entered the station office, as usual it was like a small house, a man to whom I told my purpose of visit took me into the on-air studios and let me sit down in front of a microphone. His name was Sr. Alfredo Febres C., Productor de Programas Musicales. He was producing an information program with lots of advertisements and personal messages. He was pleased to make his program with the visit of unexpected guest.

He introduced me to all the audience on the air, serving me the famous Peruvian beer "Cerveza Cusquena". The program was presented by the company. So he was a little drunken in spite of being at the studios, hi. After finishing the program, I could talk with Sr. Edmundo Montesinos Gallo, Gerente General. I passed into Gerente's room and I was surprised to find a small pennant printed in Japanese letters which in fact I sent them with my reception report two years ago! He said to me that it was sent by some foreign people. Yes, it was me. Then he gave me a memorable QSL and the following information.

Radio La Hora S. A. is operated by Productora Radial Publinti E.I.R.L. The station operates on 1400 kHz (OAX-7I 3 kW) and on 4855 kHz (ex-4977 kHz OAX-7J 1 kW), from 05:00 to 23:00. The transmitters are fabricated by some Peruvian company. The antenna of MW is a radiant type tower with 51 meters high and that of SW is a dipole with 12 meters high. Radio La Hora was founded on August 15, 1955, for the purpose of spreading, in Cusco, mass communication which would be a service for the public, especially for the young. So they have the station slogan as "La Emisora de la Juventud" (The Broadcast for the Young). Radio La Hora belongs to Cadena Tawantinsuyo de Radiodifusion, which is a radio station network organized by Radio Tawantinsuyo de Cusco.

Station Personnel as of February, 1988

Gerente General: Edmundo Montesinos Gallo
Administradora: Mar�a Elena Murillo Flores
Periodistas: Hugo Gonz�les, Leosidas Rozas, Alberto Garc�a, Julio Aguilar
Productores: Alfredo Febres C., Charles Arag�n, Wilfredo Rivera, Bertha Aftegre, Edy Concha, Carlos Gamarra
Operadores: Edson Lovon, Jorge Campos, Alex Mora, Zoila Becerra
Cargo de Programa Infantil: Clauidio Montesinos Murillo

Opening announcement (corrected the dictation in "LA-DXing 4th Edition")

"Desde la emisora de la juventud, Radio La Hora, les enviamos nuestro fraternal saludo al iniciar esta nueva jornada de trabajo y nuestro mejor deseo de que el d�a de hoy sea para Uds. lleno de �xito y felicidad. Operamos en la frecuencia de 1400 kc y con bon�sima programaci�n de 18 horas continuadas. Las que est�n brindadas a proporcionarle m�sica, comentarios e informaciones de actualidad. Trabajamos con la esperanza de llegar a vuestros hogares, centro de trabajo o lugares de esparcimiento, llegando nuestras ondas la alegr�a y el optimismo de la juventud, y con la esperanza de que nuestro modesto aparte contribuya a vuestra felicidad y al progreso de tan inmortal ciudad de Cusco. Radio La Hora, la emisora de la juventud, les dice buenos d�as."


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