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La Voz de Esperanza, Juliaca, Peru


The following item is taken from Relampago DX, Number 82 by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki. It is placed here with permission.

PERU 780.00 Radiodifusoras La Voz de la Esperanza, Juliaca; Its MW operation was first noted during my stay in Juliaca, in October 1995. The station identified itself with the following canned ID: "En los 780kc onda media, La Voz de la Esperanza desde Juliaca, Regin Jose Carlos Mariategui, Republica del Peru, hasta el punto preciso de su dial." In addition to the MW outlet 780kHz, the station has also announced the SW frequencies "5030kHz banda de 60 metros y 6150kHz banda de 49 metros ondas cortas", though the SW outlets were not yet in operation.

According to the "Radio News Bulletin" (April 29, 1996 via RNM No.217) produced by Dr. Adrian M. Peterson of Adventist World Radio, a new SW station is projected to take to the air in the early part of 1997, and it will be located in Juliaca. This station will operate in the international SW bands with antenna beamed towards the southeast, programming mainly in Quechua and Spanish. Therefore, La Voz de la Esperanza broadcasting on 780kHz from the Adventist Educational Complex of Titicaca, is undoubtedly a new station affiliated to the Adventist World Radio network.

As of October 1995, this religious broadcaster runs at 0800- 1400 & 2100-0200, and the morning transmission was began with the following opening announcement: "A partir de este momento inicia sus actividades del dia de hoy, Radiodifusoras La Voz de la Esperanza que transmite en los 780kHz amplitud modulada, desde sus estudios ubicados en el Complejo Educativo Adventista del Titicaca, Juliaca, Peru, con Casilla Postal No.344. Esperando que esta emision tenga la bendicion del Altisimo y que pueda llevar a Ud. y su familia, un mensaje de fe, de amor y de esperanza." then continued with various religious programs in Spanish & Quechua.

The station is officially authorized to broadcast on 730kHz (not 780kHz) with an output power of 10kW with callsign OAZ7S, but it has not been authorized on any SW frequencies as yet. Trasnmitter site is located at km 4.8 Ruta Juliaca-Arequipa, Provincia de San Ramon , Departamento de Puno, Peru.


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