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By Chuck Hutton


This item is placed here with permission of the author.

I wandered around the highlands of Peru in December and (in addition to dining on the local specialty guinea pig) caught the following. What I expected to hear is based on the 95 WRTH.

540 Lima slogan is Inca Radio.
540 Arequipa R. El Tiempo, unlisted.
570 Cuzco, Radio Cuzco, unlisted.
590 Arequipa Frecuencia Catedral, unlisted.
640 Puno not heard during several days in Puno.
640 Cuzco Radio Los Andes, unlisted.
660 Arequipa not heard.
670 Puno not heard
680 Cuzco R. Programas, unlisted. (I assume this is an RPP outlet and my note is just shorthand.)
700 Lima ID is Radio 700.
740 Arequipa not heard.
770 Arequipa Radio Mar, unlisted (and nowhere near a sea .)
780 Puno La voz de la Esperanza, unlisted.
840 Ayacucho not heard.
860 Huancayo not heard.
870 Cuzco not heard.
890 Puno R. Tejipatxi, unlisted, slogan is Quechua and therefore my interpretation could be horrible.
920 Cuzco not heard.
930 Arequipa here ex 940, or at least as best my Walkman can tell.
980 Ayacucho not heard.
985 Lima slogan is Radio Jaleri or phonetic equivalent.
1000 Cuzco only a carrier here.
1030 Arequipa R. Andina, not listed.
1050 Huancayo also Celestial .
1060 Cuzco not heard.
1090 Arequipa not heard.
1100 Huancayo not heard.
1100 Cuzco not heard.
1120 Arequipa R. Municipal, unlisted. (Explanations of municipal projects like new lights. How interesting. A new market for almost bankrupt U.S. daytimers to explore.)
1120 Cuzco, didn t get a slogan, unlisted.
1140 Huancayo is a member of the RPP chain.
1170 Arequipa only heard with RPP, never R. Andina.
1170 Puno on and off the air, distorted, ID something like R. Conferacion, unlisted.
1190 Arequipa Frecuencia 11-90, unlisted.
1200 Puno, R. San ??, unlisted.
1240 Puno R. Campesino, sked 4AM - 10 PM local, unlisted.
1290 Arequipa R. Crebol or phonetic equivalent, unlisted.
1270 Cuzco slogan is Radio Solar.
1330 Arequipa something heard but didn t catch an ID, unlisted.
1360 Lima not heard.
1400 Ayacucho not heard.
1400 Cuzco slogan is Emisora de la Joventud.
1470 Lima slogan is CPN Radio, la radio interactivo de Peru.
1500 Puno not heard.
1500 Huancayo not heard.
1510 Arequipa R. Alegria, unlisted.
1520 Lima not heard.
1530 Huancayo also ID s as La Radio Joven.
1540 Cuzco slogan is R. Los Andes.
1550 Puno not heard.
1580 Cuzco IDed as RPP only.
1590 Lima IDed as La Peruanisima only.
1590 Arequipa R. El Mundo, unlisted.

A summary of Peruvian AM : replacement parts are not a big industry in Peru. At least half the stations were buzzy, distorted, wobbling in frequency, dropping the carrier, etc. On the more pleasant side, you should have heard the band after midnight when up in the Andes. Tweren't nothing but a Brazilian, a Chilean, a few Colombians and a Bolivian or two. You felt like you were as far away from the world as could be.


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