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Huaynos in the Cockpit

DXer Philip Allen sent me this interesting tidbit in January 1996. He gave me permission to use it in my NASWA column, but it never made it. Hopefully he doesn't mind my placing it here.


Hi Don, I am back and not at all happy about it. Anyway, on the radio front, I was in a Faucett plane, in the cabin from Cusco to Lima last week... the hf radio was on 8188 mhz they said for comms with Lima, asked if that was the Faucett freq, said yes, but may be for all, no se. I told them about listening to Peru SW tfc and mentioned R. Tiwantisuyu...the pilot brighented up and turned on the df radio, and tuned them up...the df instrument showed them 180- right behind us...obviously the station they use for finding Cusco in bad weather. Huaynos in the cockpit.

I had been dancing late the night before and almost fainted during the was really crazy...i dont have a weak system, but dodgeing those cerros was wild. approaching lima, over the anchorage at callao was much easier, and the comms were over a speaker, so I was clued in cheap portable was overloaded with ssb tfc in Lima, but worked well in Cusco.


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