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Radio El Mundo, Cuzco Peru


The following item is taken from Relampago DX, February 22, 1998 by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki. It is placed here with permission.

5083.8V Radio Mundo, Cusco; has celebrated its 14th anniversary. The station was inaugurated by Valentin Oliverra Puelles, on February 17, 1984, and began its first operation from the studio installed at Calle Monjapata 701-705 in Cusco. Radio Mundo is authorized to broadcast with the following callsigns and frequencies: OCX7R 870kHz and OAZ7D 5045kHz. The medium wave outlet operates at 0900-0100 (daily) with a "Jorge Gomez Torres" brand transmitter (1kW) + 1/4 wave vertical antenna (86 meters high above the ground). The shortwave outlet operates at 0900-1500 and 2000-2400 (daily) with a "Jorge Gomez Torres" brand transmitter (1kW) + 1/2 wave dipole antenna (15 meters high above the ground). Radio Mundo has been officially assigned on 5045kHz in the 60 meter band since its foundation, but when the shortwave outlet was first observed in February 1984, it had been broadcasting on 5120.4kHz outside of 60 meter band. In February 1986, the shortwave outlet was temporally observed on 5045.4kHz (very near its authorized frequency), probably under the frequency adjustment control of the Ministry of Transports and Communications, but it moved down to 5081VkHz to avoid the congestion of usual 60 meter band. In October 1993, it was observed on 5046.1kHz, afterward it returned to the traditional frequency 5083VkHz, ranged between 5082.9kHz and 5083.4kHz. The transmitting unit is installed on the hill of Sacsayhuaman Ruins. The station also has a FM transmitter (1kW) which was made by Sergio Nunez (a radio-engineer in Iquique, Chile) and has been waiting for the license. It will broadcasts on 90.5MHz. QTH: Calle Tecte No.21 4, Cusco, Peru.


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