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Radio La Voz de Altiplano, Puno, Peru


The following item is taken from Relampago DX, February 22, 1998 by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki. It is placed here with permission.

5816V Radio La Voz del Altiplano, Puno; has celebrated its 41th anniversary. The station was established on February 17, 1957. The station initially transmitted on 5850kHz and 1560kHz with "KBH" brand transmitters, but afterward it was licensed to operate on the following callsigns and frequencies: OAX7N 1030kHz (1kW) and OAX7L 5960kHz (0.3kW). The shortwave outlet has been observed in range of 5816.0kHz and 5816.4kHz until December 1989. Reportedly the shortwave outlet has been out of service due to technical problem, but the station is still active on 1030kHz.


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