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Radio Nacional de Paraguay is well heard in North America, although not exactly at the most favorable hours if you like to sleep at night! The station can be heard with usually strong signals from its sign-on around 0900 UTC (3 a.m. Central Standard Time in the USA). After about 1000 UTC the signal will gradually weaken but may stay listenable to 1200 UTC or later under good conditions. Sometimes Radio Nacional can also be heard in the late afternoons or early evenings (2200-0200 UTC, or 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Central Standard Time). Most programming consists of wonderful Paraguayan harp music with announcements in both Spanish and Guarani.

The only other Paraguayn station heard at a distance is Radio Encarnacion on 11940, which is occasionally heard in the evening hours (around 0200 UTC) by radio hobbyists with good equipment.

Paraguay is fortunate to have one of the more easily-heard shortwave stations in Latin America, even if the hours it can be heard are less than optimal. A good way for Paraguay to promote its image abroad would be through a short (as little as 15 minutes) English broadcast on its shortwave frequency around 0900 or 0930 UTC daily. Such a feature could be daily or just one or two days a week (Saturday would be a good day). The English program could give news about Paraguay as well as cultural and tourism background.

Paraguayans abroad are urged to contact their government and Radio Nacional to urge them to consider the establishment of such an international service. Although the time seems too early for North America, many shortwave listeners do listen at that early hour since it is the best time to pick up many South American stations. Many shortwave listeners also use tape recorders and timers to tape broadcasts while they are sleeping. Radio Nacional can be written to at: Mario H. Sanabria, Director; Radio Nacional; Montevideo y Estrella; Asuncion; Paraguay.


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