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La Voz de la Selva



The following item is taken from page 246 of LA-DXing, 4th Edition (1987), as published by Radio Nuevo Mundo. It was written by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki and is placed here with permission.

La Voz de la Selva has been heard again since late December 1985, after a short absence. S/on at 1000 GMT with the national anthem of Republic of Colombia, followed by "Buenos Dias Colombia" and news relay from Bogota. The latter is heard until 1200 GMT f/out. La Voz de la Selva belongs to CARACOL network, and gives the following ID every 30 minutes: "Esta es La Voz de la Selva en Florencia, Caqueta, HJIG 1070kHz onda larga, 10000 vatios de potencia y HJKF 6l7OkHz onda corta. Emisora afiliada a la Primera Cadena Radial Colombiana, CARACOL, la qran compania." Reception in Japan always suffers from an interference from a Phillipines station on 6170.3kHz.

I visited studios of La Voz de la Selva located at Carrera 13, in front of Cathedral on August 9, 1985. Administration office, news editorial room, discoteca, studios occupy the 2nd floor of a two storied building. Being a CARACOL affiliate station, stickers of the network are affixed here and there. So I asked them to give me some, because I could not obtain this kind of souvenirs even at Caracol Bogota. They replied, "Sorry, we have none left. We have affixed all in all!" Instead, I received a T-shirt with a trade mark Of CARACOL from Sr. Jairo Ernesto Paredes, Gerente, as a remembrance of an interview made at a local news program "Reportero Caracol".

History of the Station

La Voz de la Selva is the 3rd oldest radio station in Florencia. They were inaugurated by Senator Hernando Turbay and Nelson Hermosa on January 24, 1974 to serve communities in Colombian Amazon. The station is operated by Asociacion Jorge Eliecer Gaitan. They relay news from Caracol Bogota, 4 times a day at 0600-0730, 1300-1330, 1900-1930 and 2200-2300 weekdays. Sports program (soccer) are relayed on Saturday and Sunday. Self produced programs are roughly classified to news and music (mainly tropical music) programs. Schedule as of August 1985 is 0500-2300 daily.

Technical Information

HJIG-l090kHz: "I.E.A." transmitter (fabricated by Ingeniero Raul Henao Garces) made in 1974. Minimum l0kW/maximum 15kW. a 1/4 wave vertical antenna is used. Daytime service area is whole Caqueta Department. Also heard in northeastern part of Intendencia de Putumayo at night. An emergency transmitter (5kW) is used in case of main transmitter's trouble, or power supply interruption. (Private generater is used.)

HJKF 6l70kHz: "I.E.A." transmitter (2.5kW) + 1/4 wave dipole antenna (12m high) is used. Service area includes Departments of Caqueta, Huila, Tolima, Cauca, Putumayo, and a part of of Amazon area in Ecuador and Brasil.

Transmitter site is located to the north of the city and a microwave circuit is used to connect studios.

QTH: Carrera 13 No.13-16, Florencia, Departamento de Caqueta, Colombia.


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