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Ondas del Orteguaza


The following item is taken from pages 240-241 of LA-DXing, 4th Edition (1987), as published by Radio Nuevo Mundo. It was written by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki and is placed here with permission.

As I finished my radio station survey in Neiva, I left for Florencia. Florencia is an interesting town to visit because there are four SWers, all of which have been logged in Japan. Bus service for Florencia originates from Bogota, and some go there by way of Neiva. "Comotor", a bus company, leaves Neiva at 1800, 2100 and 0200. Considering the arrival time at Florencia, I reserved the midnight service. Incidentally it costed 700 pesos colombianos (i.e. US$ 4.8) and took 8 hours. The bus came one hour later, at 03:00 AM. Passing thru Neiva city, the bus went on an unpaved road, lowering gradually its altitude into the jungle zone.

Florencia, capital of Departamento del Caqueta, was founded in 1904 by Padre Doroteo de Pupiales and was called "Ciudad Sorpresa" at the same time. The city based on a Spanish colonial town constructed by the Gutierrez, the Mavesoy and the Cuellar. Florencia is an important city for development of the Amazon area and is now called "door to the Amazon". Population of the city is some 32000; annual mean temperature is 28C with very high humidity, peculiar to the Amazon area.

Ondas del Orteguaza is often heard in Japan from 1000 GMT s/on weekdays in spite of the interference from co-channel Fujian PBS China). They have a popular program "Amanecer Campesino" at 0500-0630 (Monday to Saturday). This is a program dedicated to farmers, playing folk music, as well as agricultural information, education, latest news, social service, etc. Ondas del Orteguaza has a listeners club. The member is required to pay annual membership fee, while he can get a discount for social (message) service. Thus the 80% of the message service customers belong to the listeners club.

They give following ID every 30 minutes: "Les habla Ondas del Orteguaza, emisora HJAU ll60kHz onda media y HJQA 4975kHz banda tropical de 62 metros, desde el radio-centro TODELAR en Florencia, capital del nuevo Departamento del Caqueta. TODELAR, el circuito del pueblo colombiano."

I visited Emisoras Ondas del Orteguaza on August 7, 1985. The station is located at the corner of Calle 16 and Carrera 13E, where there are central market and a bus terminal. Here is known to be the most busy/crowded/daiigerous place in Florencia. The station is located on the second floor in a dirty building. Going up the stairs, I saw a simple office divided by plywood, and studios. A symbol mark of TODELAR and a pennant of the station were painted on the wall. In the control room, an announcer was talking something at a microphone, controlling a console mixer, which was as dirty as the station building. The announcer permitted me to look around the studios. Though they have an announcement room and a control room, announcer himself controls the console in many cases except news program. The studios are equipped with a "Kyowa Electric Instrument Co. , Ltd." (made in Japan) 7 channel console mixer, two "Marantz" model 6170 disk players, an open tape deck, and a "Netronic" (made in Taiwan) microphone. Announcement room has two microphones.

History of the Station

Ondas del Orteguaza is the second oldest station in Caqueta Department, founded on December 1, 1967 by actual Director Gerente, Dr. Jorge Daniel Santos Calderon and his wife, Sub-Gerente, Elizabeth David de Santos. As Florencia is located in the tropical area, and to cover small villages scattered in the Department, Ondas del Orteguaza is operating on SW in parallel with MW. They had been using transmitters of "Electronica Aplicada" (Colombian manufacturer; designed and installed by Ing. Raul Herao Garces), obtained in 1967. Currently, because of deterioration, these transmitters (MW 2.5kW / SW lkW) are only used at emergency with private generator. (Because power consumption is much lower than new transmitters.)

Ondas del Orteguaza affiliated to TODELAR 4 or 5 years after its establishment (exact date unknown). In spite of the affiliation, they do not relay national news. Except for a soccer relay (at 1400-1800) on Sunday, the radio station broadcasts self produced programs. As of August 1985, their schedule is 0500-2200 (Monday-Friday), 0600-2200 (Saturday) and 0600-2100 (Sunday). Many of the programs consist of music with social service. It is said that Ondas del Orteguaza is popular for mid/low class listeners and farmers.

Technical Information

Transmitter site is located on a hill, 2km away from studios. STL transmitter (UHF 208.5MHz) was made in Bogota in 1980. Before that time, they had been using a VHF outlet of 97.lMHz.

HJAU-ll6OkHz: "Electronica Aplicada" BC-15 transmitter (15kW), obtained in January 1985 in Bogota + a 1/4 wave vertical antenna (65m high).

HJQA 4975kHz: "Electronica Aplicada" BC-5 transmitter (5kw), obtained in 1980 + a 1/2 wave horizontal dipole antenna.


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