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Ondas del Meta



The following item is taken from pages 206-207 of LA-DXing, 4th Edition (1987), as published by Radio Nuevo Mundo. It was written by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki and is placed here with permission.

In March 1983, I caught their signal after a long absence and was astonished to hear their ID saying "En el aire Ondas del Meta desde la hermosa ciudad de Villavicencio. HJBX 1200kHz onda larga, 4885kHz onda corta. Otra potente emisora de la Cadena SUPER, orgullosamente colombiana". Formerly they were affiliated to TODELAR network.

They were usually heard in Japan at 0700-1200 GMT with the following programs: (all times in GMT) -0900 a music program "flabitante de la Noche" (by Jaime Benito), 0900-1000 a music program "Ya Viene Amarieciendo" (by Edgar Torres G.) for farmers and early risers, playing request music like ranchera, vallenato or llanera, as well as a "free" message from listeners. 1000- "Caminos de Esperanza". (These programs are still effective as of April 1987). They give a full ID every 30 minutes: "En el aire Ondas del Meta desde la hermosa ciudad de Villavicencio. HJBX 12OOkHz onda larga, 4885kHz onda corta banda internacional de 62 metros. Emisora fundamental de la Cadena SUPER, orgullosamente colombiana."

Ondas del Meta is located at the 2nd floor of a building in front of La Voz del Llano. Srta. Yolanda Plazas Agredo, administradora, told me the story. She was in charge of overseas correspondence, so I asked her on the QSL policy of the station. Before she became in charge, Director's secretary wrote QSL letters to overseas reports, however, frequent change of Secretary made it impossible to deal with all reports. Actually they reply to those report with PFC. (I saw a mountain of reports in her desk, so I'm sure that some lucky reporters only can get their QSL!)

History of the Station

Ondas del Meta was founded on August 25, 1965 by Sr. Jaime Pava Navarros, owner of SUPER network. At beginning, they broadcast only on MW 1350kHz (lkW), not 24 hours a day. Later the station was sold to TODELAR due to financial deficit of the station. For a year from 1982, they broadcast as Emisora Musical" of RCN. And in 1983, SUPER network owner bought again the station. Ondas del Meta is a fundamental station, whose nominal owner is the SUPER network, but they do not relay any program from Radio Super de Bogota (because another fundamental station, La Voz del Llano relays a national news "Super Noticias" produced in Bogota). Ondas del Meta is characterized as a "fundamental station" of Cadena SUPER, with whole programs locally produced. More than 80% of total programs is occupied by music programs. Except for local news "Informador Super" (Monday to Saturday 0700-0730, 1230-1330, 1830-1900), "Noticiero de las 9:30" (Monday to Friday 2130-2200) and sports program "Super Deportes del Llano", programs are mostly composed of DJ program with music, advertisments and avisos. So Ondas del Meta is rather popular in the city of Villavicencio.

Technical Information

HJBX-ll7OkHz: QSYed from 1200kHz in 1984, however, still continues announcing nominal 1200kHz in their ID. At beginning, a national made lkW transmitter was used on 1350kHz. Actually using 15kw transmitter, made by Ing. Pedro Jiro Ucueta in Bogota. Antenna is 1/4 wave vertical type (65m high).

HJIE-4885kHz: lkW transmitter made in 1970 by Ing. Pablo Endrade in Bogota. Antenna is delta type, 1/2 wave (12.5m high). Covers whole Meta Department. 24h a day //-MW outlet.

STL-302.3MHz: "Mc.Marti" 10W transmitter. Transmitter site is located at 5km east of the city.

Station Personnel as of July 1985
Propietario: Jaime Pava Navarros
Gerente: Henry Pava Camelo
Director: Artistico: Manuel Buenaventura
Director: Informador Super: Luis Enrique Medina Rubio
Administradora: Yolanda Plazas Agredo
Contador: Pablo Emilio Moreno
Periodista: Angel Maria A. and Fernando Bello U.
Locutores: they have six announcers.

QSL Information Send your report to Srta. Yolanda Plazas Agredo, administradora, or to the administradora of La Voz del Llano. I think there is no problem in doing this because the Gerente is the same person for both radio stations.

QTH: Carrera 31, No. 38-04, 2a piso, Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia.


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