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The following item is taken from pages 216-217 of LA-DXing, 4th Edition (1987), as published by Radio Nuevo Mundo. It was written by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki and is placed here with permission.

La Voz de los Centauros is one of the easiest stations to catch from around 0900 GMT s/on. They sign on with test music, opening announcement followed by "Madrugada Campesina" at 0400, 0506 "Buenos Dias Colombia", and 0606 National news from Caracol Bogota for 30 minutes. Being a CARACOL affiliate, 5 minutes news "Informativo Caracol" is relayed every hour on the hour. At the end of the news bulletin, they give following full ID with Caracol signature "Esta es La Voz de los Centauros en Villavicencio. HJKW 114OkHz, 5955kHz onda corta banda internacional de 49 metros. Emisora afiliada a la primera Cadena Radial Colombiana, CARACOL, la gran compania."

Riding a "Transporte Macarena" bus from central bus terminal in Bogota, I reached at Villavicencio, capital of Meta Department on July 28, 1985. A beautiful 110 km road runs from Bogota to Villavicencio in the llanos at the foot of the eastern slopes of the Eastern Cordillera.

An office and studio of La Voz de los Centauros, as well as studio for a new FM station "La Voz de Colombia", are on the 10th floor of "Los Centauros" building in front of Plaza Centauros. New sticker featuring Caracol was on the door. I was guided by Sr.Luis Alfredo Gonzalez, operator. At the left, there is a studio for "La Voz de Colombia", which is a new FM station of CARACOL Network, established in 1985. The Villavicencio station HJQF operates on 90.3MHz, 5kW, daily at 0600-2400 or -2200 on Sunday. Except for adversiments and local ID, all programs are based on common "La Voz de Colombia" schedule sent from Bogota. The schedule has a list of song title, singer and record number to be played for each time of day, and is arranged by a computer to have a variety according to the time range and broadcast day. Owing to this national schedule system, listeners can enjoy the same music program at any place of Colombia. La Voz de Colombia is controlled and operated totally by one operator, because all he has to do is to play music, advertisements, or IDs according to the prepared schedule. They are equipped with a mixer console "Mc.Marti" B502, a cartridge tape deck "Amprvo", 2 disk players "Pioneer" PL-9, a cassette tape deck "Pioneer" CT-F750 and a monitoring receiver "Silver". Disks required for FM station are all sent regularly from Bogota, so they have much more brand new disks than La Voz de los Centauros has.

There is also an editorial room for a local news "Noti-Diario". News director is Sr. Gustavo Aleman Chavez, and Sr. Luis Enrique Suarez is in charge of announcement. News mainly includes political, economic, cultural and local information, and is broadcast 3 times a day at 0630-0700 (primera emision), 1206-1300 (segunda emision), and 1830-1900 (tercera emision) from Monday to Friday.

Their studio has following equipment: 6 channel mixer console "Almarldo Rodriguez Electronic Ing (Colombian made), open tape deck "Akai" GX-4000D, 3 cartridge tape decks "Contel", 2 disk players "Russco" and 2 microphones (one for control room and the other for announcement room); STL transmitter "Mc.Marti" STL-10 for FM link on 308MHz (10W). Formerly used monaural FM outlet on 96.1 MHZ. UHF circuit is used for relaying programs from HJKC Caracol Bogota (850kHz).

La Voz de los Centauros was founded in 1963 by the present owner Sr. Marco Antonio Torres G. Station name "Centauros" derives from the flag of Meta Department, in which two Centauros are described as a symbol. The silhouette of Centauros and earth are used as a radio symbol. At first, they were operated as an independent station, but later belonged to a LIDER network and was assisted economically a little, as a music station of LIDER. Not being an "Emisora Basica" of LIDER, there were few program relays from Bogota. In May 1982, they changed network from LIDER to GRC, in order to relay news and sports programs. In 1983, again changed to CARACOL network and 35% of total program is supplied from CARACOL. As for local programs, they are mainly consisted of music programs and local news.

La Voz de los Centauros operates on 114OkHz (HJKW/l0kW) and 5955kHz (HJOQ/5kW) at 0400-0010 daily. No technical information was obtained due to absence of technical staff.

Station personnel as of July 1985

  • Owner: Marco Antonio Torres G.
  • Gerente: Guillermo Torres Bernal
  • Director: Luis Enrique Murillo H.
  • Administradora: Gloria D. Rodrigues Torre
  • Tecnico: Luis Alberto Norio C.
  • Locutor Oficial: Luis Enrique Murillo H., Luis Enrique Suarez, Moises Zuniga
  • Operator: Jose Borja Suarez, Luis Alfredo Gonzalez, Oscar Bello B.
QSL Information Sr. Guillermo Torres B. issued QSL card until a few years ago, but it was out of print now. It is a little bit difficult to obtain QSL until they re-print a new card.


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