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Emisora Armonias Del Caqueta



The following item is taken from pages 244-245 of LA-DXing, 4th Edition (1987), as published by Radio Nuevo Mundo. It was written by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki and is placed here with permission.

A signal of Emisora Armonias del Caqueta was confirmed by RNMers in late December 1982. 4915kHz is dominated by Guangxi PBS, so the Colombian station was barely audible under the Chinese power house. Due to a frequency deviation by some hundreds Hz , the radio station was frequently heard from 1000 s/on to 1200 f/out (GMT) in spring 1983. The program was 1000 "Que Bello Amanecer" (by Padre Alvaro Serna Alzate) and 1030 "Mundo Noticias" (relayed from Cadena Sutatenza de Colombia). Emisora Armonias del Caqueta has studios and offices next to a Catholic cathedral in downtown Florencia. The two storied building is the finest among radio stations in the city, and station name is painted largely. The first floor is used by Vicariato Apostolico de Florencia. Emisora Armonias del Caqueta is on the second floor, as well as a museum exhibiting data on aborigines and life in Departamento de Caqueta. It was on August 9, 1985 that I visited the station. Studios are equipped with a "BE" model 150 (8 ch) console mixer, 2 "SONY" model PS-LXL disk players, a "Sansui" brand cassette tape deck, an "AKAI" model X-360D open tape deck... many of the equipments are Japanese new products. They possess some 200 disks; 50% Colombian, 10% Latin, 20% Spanish pops and 20% religious / light music. They are really in a trouble: number of disk collection is so small . . . one reason is that they are a young station, another is that disks are little supplied from record company at free of charge, because Armonias del Caqueta is not a commercial station.

History of the Station

3/2 1982: Monsenor Jose Luis Serna Alzate, representative of Vicariato Apostolico de Florencia applied the establishment of a religious /cultural station on MW and SW (60 meter band) for Ministerio de Comunicaciones.

7 / 4 1982: Ministerio de Comunicaciones permitted them to transmit on the following frequencies: HJVK l020kHz 15kW on MW (frequency width �8kHz), HJRI 4915kHz 3kW on SW and 311.7MHz 10W on FM.

11/23 1982: Emisora Armonias del Caqueta was officially inaugurated on this day. Due to technical reasons, the following changes had been admitted: MW 970kHz (30kW) and FM 306.5MHz (15W). 2 days later, a test transmission was conducted on SW and MW. The test transmission was continued until early December to improve technical aspects. (Ministerio de Comunicaciones announced measured frequency as MW 970.370kHz and SW 4915.180kHz.)

12/15 1982: News/information program (Monday - Friday) was commenced three times a day at 0700-0730 "Correo Caqueteno" (primera edicion), 1230-1300 "Noticiero Caqueteno" and 1900-1930 "Correo Caqueteno (segunda edicion).

1/19 1983: Began to relay following programs from Cadena Sutatenza in Bogota. (These relays lasted for a year): "Mundo Noticias" at 0630-0700/ 1930-2000 and "Charlas con la Familia" at 2000-2030. As of August 1985, they operate 0500-2200 (Monday-Saturday) & 0530-2115 (Sunday /holidays).

Station Personnel as of 1985

Director: Pabro Alvaro Serna Alzate
Secretaria: Maria Eugenia Aranzalez
Periodistas: Jose Dubiel Vasquez Arias, Abel Antonio Robles Cermeno
Mensajero: Gregorio Perdomo Guzman
Servicio General: Carmenza Tovar
Transmisorista: Hector Ramirez R.
Locutores: Juan de Jesus Castano Buitrago, Ivan Roa Sandoval, Lunio Hermid Cardozo Calderon

Technical Information

HJVK--970kHz: "IEA" model BC-30K (30kW) transmitter made in Bogota runs at 0500-1700. "IEA" model BC-3K (3kW) transmitter made in Bogota runs at 1700-2200. Antenna is a 1/4 wave tower antenna (85m high).
HJRI-4915kHz: "IEA" OC-3CX2500 type (3kW) transmitter at 0500-1900. No transmission is made at night because they suffer from QRM. Antenna is a 1/4 wave horizontal dipole (8m high).
306.5MHz: "A. Rodrigues Electr6nica Ing." 180F-300T transmitter (15-18W), connecting transmitter plant located 1 km north from studios.
316.9MHz: This is a repeater constructed at Cerro de Gabierete to relay a signal sent from Bogota (News relay of Cadena Sutatenza) to studios in Florencia.

QTH:Casa Episcopal, Florencia, Caqueta, Colombia.


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