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Radio Eco, San Borja, Bolivia


The following item is taken from Relampago DX, Number 83 by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki. It is placed here with permission.

BOLIVIA 4702.26 Radio Eco, San Borja, has sent a nice verification letter dated March 27, 1996 with 2 page information in 6 months. Station director Gonzalo Espinoza Cortez, explains the following history. He is 22 years ago, and started broadcasting labor in 1991, when his brother Carlos Espinoza Cortez has administered and directed Radio Eco in Reyes. Carlos passed away on February 15, 1994, after having carried on a struggle against his disease. Then Gonzalo Espinoza Cortez took over as station director of Radio Eco in Reyes. Later, another brother, Freddy, invested to establish another new broadcaster in San Borja. Nowadays, Gonzalo is the Director Gerente of both radio stations, therefore he goes and returns between Reyes and San Borja (180km of distance by land) each 15 days, to supervise the broadcasting operation.

Radio Eco - San Borja was officially inaugurated on June 13, 1995, transmitting on the nominal frequency of 4700 kHz. It uses a reformed "Philips" brand transmitter. Its output power is confusedly stated as "1kw de salida, 300kws" (sic). When I observed the station during my stay in Lima, Peru, in October 1996, its signal was not so strong as other stations which operated with 1kW transmitter, so it may correspond to an output power considerably lower. Its signal is fed out to inverted V antenna. The studio is equipped with two console mixers: "SNE" (10 channels), "AEG" (4 c hannels), 2 "Yamaha" LP-450 disk players, two "JVC" disk players, 2 cassette decks, and 4 "Shure" microphones.

Radio Eco operates at 1200 -0300 with programming of greeting music show, message for audience living in the rural area and river basin, radio-novel for community education, and it relays the mass of the Catholic Church, on Sundays. They plays the Anthem for Beni ("El Himno al B eni") at the final transmission. The station personel includes: Gonzalo Espinoza Cortez (owner/administrator), Luis Perez Blanco (operator), Aida Guardia Mendez (secretary). Its studio is located at Avenida Selim Majluf s/n, San Borja , Provincia Ballivian, Departamento de Beni, Bolivia.


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