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The following loggings were made in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico in early November, 2001. This trip was primarily a family vacation, so DXing time was limited. Equipment used was a Sony ICF-2010 receiver and my 23 year-old "Radio West" ferrite loop antenna. Past experience has shown this to be a very good set up for on-the-road medium wave DXing. (See my Ecuadorian MW Log and Venezuelan MW Log.)

In additional to DXing, I set up the Sony & my cassette recorder to time-record local stations in 15 minute chunks while we were away during the day and in the middle of the night. Thus, most of my logs of local stations are from timed tapings. Several dozen IDs and other announcements have been converted to Real Audio files and linked from this log. Unfortunately, one tape with many good IDs from my initial November 5th DX session was misplaced. If and when I locate it, I will add those recordings to this log.

------------------------------Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico, so the local dial is quite full. Fortunately it does not have the number of high-powered stations that smaller Monterrey has, let alone what Mexico City has. We stayed at the Hotel Universo in the downtown area (just over US $50 a night, highly recommended). While the downtown location gave us easy access to what we wanted to do, in DXing I had a lot of problems with overloading and mixing on various frequencies. Real DXing was impossible between 1000 - 1500 kHz, and not really easy anywhere except the bottommost frequencies. Excluding a few powerful Mexico City stations and a few stations from nearby Michoacan state, all non-local stations logged were from northern Mexico (or the US). I suspect that my location in the hotel favored reception from the north.

While no effort was made to DX English language (US) stations, a few IDs or obvious program details were occasionally noted while tuning the dials. Those logs are noted here as well. I also did timed tapings of several Guadalajara area FM stations. ID recordings of those will be added here soon.

Quick Scan At 0726 UTC on Nov 7 - following local frequencies were NOT on the air: 580, 760, 850, 1250, 1370.
Following local frequencies were on the air: 630, 700, 790, 820, 880, 920, 960, 1040, 1070, 1120, 1150, 1190, 1220, 1280, 1310, 1340, 1410, 1440, 1480.

Quick Scan At 0903 UTC on Nov 10 - following were NOT on: 580, 760, 850, 1370. All others were on.

The Loggings

550 XETNC Tepic, Nayarit. 0505 Extremely weak classical mx station. Presumed to be this one. (Nov 9)
550 XEZK Tepatitlan, Jalisco. 0202-0207* Pops, ID, and s/off ID. Then Mexican anthem and off. IRCA logs says 0300*. Good. (Nov 5)

560 XEXZ Zacatecas, Zacatecas. 0157-0202 Program promo, ads mentioning Zacatecas. Presumed, mixing with another XE plus a US stn. (Nov 5) 1034 Ranchera mx and slogan ID. (Nov 10)

570 XETJ, Torreon, Coahuila. 0509-0512. Spanish pop mx and call sign ID. Poor and mixing with an English U.S. station. (Nov 9)

580 XEAV, Guadalajara, Jalisco. 1349-1357 0655-0701* Timed taping. End of Frank Sinatra song, ID as Canal 58, and then Michael Jackson song. Guess you would say their style is eclectic! Then sign-off ID & anthem. Good. Someone else playing the Mexican anthem heard under their open carrier once they cut the audio.(Nov 9) 1455-1510 Timed taping. Spanish and English pop music. Canal 58 ID in passing plus jingle. Full ID at 1502. (Nov 10)
580 XEMU Piedras Negras, Coahuila. 1032. Ranchera music and slogan ID. I hear this one much better back home in Iowa! (Nov 10)


590 Unidentified 0012-0015 w/ anmts and seeming ID. (Nov 8)

590 XEGTO Leon, Guanajuato. 0012-0015 Ads mentioning nearby Irapuato & ID anmt. (Nov 8) 1045-1104 Mix of Ranchera and Spanish pop mx. Lots of Radio Canon slogan IDs with Amanecer Camionero program name. (Program name means Truckdrivers' Dawn.). PSA from Secretaria de Salud on preventing diabetes. Anmt for "Nueva Hacienda Publica". At 1100, complete ID with FM & AM frequencies and powers, address. When I tuned by this frequency prior to 1030, it was empty. So, I suspect XEGTO either signed-on or went to day power around 1030. (Nov 10)

600 Unidentified USA 0440 English language football game coverage mixing with two or more Mexicans. (Nov 9)

610 Unid USA 0357 noted English talk while tuning by. (Nov 9)
610 XEBX Sabinas, Coahuila. 0255-0305 w/ ad string, several mentioning "aqui en Sabinas". ID @ 0300. Nortena mx. Mixing with a second stn which went off at 0300. (Nov 5) 0403. News with seeming ID mentioning the state of Coahuila and then the call "XEB" (but clearly no final 'X'). Poor w/ QRM primarily from unidentifed U.S. stn. (Nov 9)
610 Unidentified ???? Promo for Mexico-Honduras futbol game. PSA for Secretaria de Energia. More ads/anmts. TC w/ fq and telephone number, into English pop mx. Poor. Phone number sounds like 93-261-52. (Nov 9) John Callarman notes "Telephone number on 610 unidentified points to XEEL, Fresnillo, Zacatecas, based upon format of Fresnillo phone numbers under CIRT listing. 93 is area code and station's numbers are five-digit, beginning with a 2."

620 XENK Mexico, DF. 0218-0224 Pop mx, public service type anmts, IDs as "Radio 6-20". Fair. (Nov 5) 0425-0433 Talk program and call sign ID. Poor w/ QRM from co-channel ranchera station and splatter from XEJB 630 kHz. (Nov 9)

630 XEJB Guadalajara, Jalisco. 1455-1510 Timed taping. Always had trouble with mixing on this frequency so was unable to get a clean recording. Cultural talk programs and this ID anmt at 1500. (Nov 7)

640 XEHHI Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua. 0325-0353. Mixing over/under XENQ with talk and listener phone-ins. Slogan ID at 0349. Poor. (Nov 9)
640 XENQ Tulancingo, Hidalgo. 0224-0227 "NQ" ID and ranchera song. Good. (Nov 5) 0325-0353 Ranchera mx. ID announcing 50 kW. Ad string including PSA from the Secretaria de Gobernacion and Luz de Luz (not 100% certain of name), a Catholic magazine published in Tulancingo. Other IDs simply as "NQ". Poor, mixing with XEHHI, but mostly on top with some splatter from XEJB-630. (Nov 9)

650 WSM Nashville, TN, USA. 0354 ID & time check noted in passing. Strong and dominant on frequency. (Nov 9)
650 XEZM Zamora, Michoacan. 0356 Call ID and into sports program. Poor in WSM null. Tuned in again 0410-0424 to hear what seemed to be a live amateur talent show. The ancr briefly interviewed people who then sang. One woman dedicated her song to "mama". Clapping, laughter, and other sounds of this being a live performance. In passing, the ancr gave call and slogan ID mentioning they were celebrating the station's 53rd anniversary. (Nov 9) 1025-1031 w/ romantic mx. Canned ID w/ address by woman & man. Poor. (Nov 10)
650 XEEJ Puerto Vallarta 0309 Under the talk pgm on XEZM with a Radio Paraiso ID. (Nov 8) I originally had this listed as Unidentified. Thanks to Christ Knight for pointing out that it is Radio Paraiso. Upon relistening, I see that he is correct.

660 XEEY Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes. 0227-0252 Nortena mx, PSAs for the Secretaria de Energia and Secretaria de Agricultura at both 0239 and 0251. Other PSA for the Secretaria de Salud. IDs. Annoncements says they use 50 kW 24 hours a day. Good (Nov 5)

670 XEIS Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco. 0242-0246 w/ ad for shoe store in Ciudad Guzman, ID, ranchera song. Poor. (Nov 5)

680 XELG Leon, Guanajuato. 0142-0152 Ranchera ballads & ID. Fair.(Nov 5) 1010-1018/1032 Program of romantic mx. LG slogan ID and complete call sign ID with location at recheck at 1032. (Nov 10)
680 KNBR San Francisco, CA, USA. 0324 Presumed the one in English with several mentions of the Bay Area. Mixing with XELG. (Nov 8)

710 XEMP Mexico, DF. 1007. Ad & ID. Mixing w/ US stn. (Nov 10)

740 English language station heard here frequently. Assumed to be Houston.

750 XEIP Uruapan, Michoacan. 0755- 0804 Ranchera music. Interesting ID with XEURM call and 750 frequency - "Desde el centro de Michoacan, Uruapan, tierra del aguacate, trasmite desde 1995, Fiesta Mexicana, XEURM 750 kHz, diez mil vatios...". IRCA log has both XEIP 750 and XEURM 1050 as RAMA stations, but neither is listed as 10 kW. As per following logs, "Fiesta Mexicana" seems to be the only slogan used here. ID was followed by an anmt giving phone number to call to report vote fraud, attempts to buy votes, etc. Then into a countdown of ranchera hit songs. The state of Michoacan (and also Sinaloa) held state elections on Nov 11, hence the vote fraud announcement. The governorship of Michoacan was won by Lazaro Cardenas Betal, grandson of Lazaro Cardenas, arguably Mexico's best president (1934-1940), and son of Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, the probable real winner of the 1988 presidential election. Cardenas Betal is an up-and-coming leader of the Mexican left, so expect to hear his name a lot in news and political announcements in the coming years, especially around the 2006 presidential elections. (Nov 7) 0315-0324 Ranchera mx and ID with slogan and location at 0320. Fair. (Nov 8) 0518 - 0522 Same anmt about vote fraud. "Fiesta Mexicana" slogan. PSA for Secretaria de Agricultura. "Fiesta Mexicana 7-50 AM" ID. (Nov 9) Note: In the state-by-state, city-by-city listings in the back of the IRCA log, there are two listings for Uruapan, with and without the accent.

760 XEZZ, Guadalajara, Jalisco. 1853-1917 Timed taping. Ranchera mx and jingle and canned IDs as in next log, plus this ID and program intro at 1900. Also, this station song.(Nov 5) 1555-1610 Timed taping. Ranchera music. Greetings to listener on her upcoming wedding and others on birthdays. One Radio Gallito ID in passing and a quick jingle ID. Finally, great canned ID at 1605. (When I hear that ID, I can almost taste the enchiladas!) Then into program La Hora de los Gallos Escuchas "para gallos muy gallos". After more ranchera, announcer chit-chat with several IDs. (Nov 10) 0355-0410 Similar programming and same canned ID at top of hour this time. Invited listeners to call in requests of ranchera songs. Took some calls and placed the listeners on the air.(Nov 11)
760 XEABC, Los Reyes de la Paz, Mexico. 0755-0810 Timed taped this frequency expecting to get local XEZZ, but they were off. Overnight talk program with promo, ID at top of hour, back to program. Fair with QRM. Dominant. (Nov 9) 0957-1002 Talk program, ID at hour. Fair. (Nov 10)

770 KKOB Albuerquerque, New Mexico, USA. 0525 w/ nx and ID. (Nov 9)

790 XEGAJ, Guadalajara, Jalisco. 1555-1610 Timed taping. Talk show on fashion. Program promo and ID at 1600 then into brief nx report. Complete local ID at 1602. (Nov 7)

820 XEBA Guadalajara, Jalisco. 1655-1710 Timed taping. La Consentida slogan. Romantic pops. Long ad string beginning at 1657. Complete ID at 1705. Brief book review and then back to mx. (Nov 7) 0455-0510 Timed taping. Mix of light Spanish romantic music and marimba music. Jingle. Political announcement. Ad promoting tourism to Colima state. Nice canned ID at 0502. (Nov 11)

840 KVJY Pharr, Texas, USA. 0650-0701 Educational program then Radio Unica net and local ID at hour, into nx. Poor, but dominant. (Nov 5). 0800 Radio Unica ID.Fair. (Nov 7)

850 KOA Denver, CO, USA. 0800. ID noted in passing. Dominant. (Nov 7)
850 XEMIA Guadalajara, Jalisco. Not on at 0610 check. (Nov 5). 2358 romantic mx & ID anmt.(Nov 7)

860 XEPLA Pabellon, Aguascalientes 1114-1124 Ranchera mx. Slogan ID and several mentions of Aguascalientes and one of Pabellon. Taking phone calls from listeners. Anmt from Secretaria de Salud on preventing diabetes. (Nov 10)

880 XEAAA Guadalajara, Jalisco. 0005-0007 ID w/ "Triple A" slogan Into local nx program "El Informador" with announcer Gabriela Aguilar. (Nov 8) 1455-1510 Time taping. End of political talk program "Cara a Cara". Into "Canal Continental de Noticias" with this promo announcement and then nice canned ID. Into "Punto Critico" political opinion program.(Nov 8)

920 XELT Guadalajara, Jalisco. 0355-0402 Romantic pops. Radio Amor jingle ID. Political announcements then complete ID with slogan as "Radio Amor". Mention of Televisa Radio. (Nov 6)

960 XEHK Tonala, Jalisco. 1955-2010 Timed taping. Mix of English and Spanish romantic pops. Ads. At top of hour, Radio Rama network promo followed by HK ID and La Voz de Guadalajara ID. Into Cyndi Lauper's "Girl's Just Want To Have Fun", then Elvis with "Love Me Tender". ID with slogan los professionales de la musica. (Nov 6)

970 XEJ Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. 0743 Tuned in just in time to catch call ID, then into Spanish pop mx. Poor. (Nov 7)
970 XERFR Mexico, DF. 0328-0330 w/ program promo, slogan ID and into talk program. Fair. (Nov 8)

980 XETU Tampico, Tamaulipas. 0627-0637 Old ballads, PSA for Secretaria de Energia, jingle ID. IRCA log says this one goes off at 0600. (Nov 5) 0331-0337 Ads, complete ID, greetings to listeners in Celaya. Ads for Optica Cordoba, a clothing store, and Farmacia San Juan. Nice jingle ID. (Nov 8)

1040 XEBBB Zapopan, Jalisco. 1555-1610 Timed taping. Chit-chat between man & woman ancrs on hair styling & cuts. (This was a regular program on the topic.) Anmt for Canal Continental de Noticias at 1600 & then one minute long nx report followed by ID with Radio Mujer slogan and additional promo anmt. At 1603 into Club de Mamas program. (Nov 8)

1070 XESP Guadalajara, Jalisco. 1755-1810 Timed taping. Talk program "Paracer Humano" helping people with love & relationship problems. Program ended at 1804, then string of ads. Finally, complete ID with Radio Juventud slogan & call. (Nov 8)

1120 XEUNO Guadalajara, Jalisco. 0555-0610 Time taping. String of romantic ballads. "Radio Uno" ID followed by Mexican national anthem, then ID with call and slogans. Into "Revista del Consumidor" program with feature on how to buy tennis shoes. (Nov 6)

1140 XEMR, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. 0342 ID and into romantic mx. Fair. (Nov 8)

1150 XEAD Tonala, Jalisco. 0144-0148 Nx, ID as "Radio Metropoli". (Nov 7) 2055-2110 Timed taping. Talk on Chivas futbol. ID with TC about two minutes slow. Xmas ads. Hair salon ad. Into NotiSistema (spelling?) news. (Nov 6)

1190 XEWK, Guadalajara, Jalisco 0255-0310 Timed taping. End of talk on problems in schools. Rather dramatic instrumental song that faded into a romantic ballad. Anti-drug & alcohol PSAs. ID at 0302. Then into talk about murder of recent assassination of Mexican human rights lawyer. Exc. (Nov 9)

1200 WOAI San Antonio, Texas, US. 0338. San Antonio Spurs basketball. Fair. (Nov 5)

1220 XEDKN Zapopan, Jalisco. 2155-2211 Time taping. News program. ID as DKN 12-20 at 2203 and ad string including "El Pollo Pepe" chicken restaurant. At 2205, full canned local ID, mentioning this part of Radio Formula segunda cadena, followed by ID for main Mexico City station, Radio Formula on 1500 kHz. Then into talk program about national politican news, giving out phone numbers for listeners to call on. (Nov 6)

1250 XEDK Guadalajara, Jalisco. 1455-1511 Timed taping. End of "Futbol Total" program sponsored by Corona Beer. Time pips but no top of the hour ID. NotiSistema news at 1500. Into romantic music. (Nov 10)

1280 XEBON Guadalajara, Jalisco. 0655-0710 Timed taping. Old Latin mx. promo anmts "La musica de ayer con el sonido de hoy." Long ID anmts for main Mexico city station with names of main ancrs at 0701. Back to live music with ancrs Diana ?? and Rosa Maria Torres and Patricio Perez Pena in the control room. (Nov 6)

1310 XETIA Guadalajara, Jalisco. 0055-0110 Timed taping. Romantic mx. Time checks as en El Alma de Mexico son las... At top of hour, slogan ID, pips, into NotiSistema news. After news at 0107, complete ID with call, frequency, and studio addres.. Back to romantic mx. (Nov 9)

1340 XEDKT Guadalajara, Jalisco. 0000-0003 Ranchera mx & full ID with Radio Ranchito slogan. (Nov 8)

1370 XEPJ Guadalajara, Jalisco. 0356 w/ Monday Night Football. The TV program in English was on in the background and the announcers were basically translating. Assume they were just watching the game on TV there in the studio. (Nov 6) 0155-0210 Timed taping. End of "La Competencia" sports news/talk program. ID as Super Deportiva at top of hour. Into program "La Hora de Futbol" with full ID at 0203. Exc. (Nov 9)

1410 XEKB Guadalajara, Jalisco. 0455-0510 Timed taping. Spanish pops with frequent Canal 14-10 jingles. Complete ID at 0505. (Nov 6)

1440 XECCC Tonala, Jalisco. 0003-0005 Promo for program "La Recompensa", inviting listeners to call, then Full ID and iinto sports. (Nov 8)

1480 XEZJ Tonala, Jalisco. 0355-0410 Timed taping. Pop music. ID as 960 AM at 0357. Ads at 0400 and ID as 14-80.More English language pops. At 0404, Radio RAMA network promo followed by local ID. Another 960 AM ID at 0412 followed by "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" by the Hollies.(Nov 7)

1540 KEDA San Antonio, Texas, USA. 0330-0335 w/ Nortena mx and "Radio Jalapeno" IDs. I recognized this one from a trip to San Antonio a few months before. (Nov 5)

1550 Station has moved to 1220 kHz. Nothing local noted on this frequency in several checks.
1550 XENU Nuevo, Tamaulipas. 0325-0330. IDs, time checks, nortena mx. Fair. (Nov 5)

1590 XEVOZ Mexico, DF. 0317-0322 Ranchera mx and "Bonita AM" IDs. (Nov 5)

1610 plus No sign of any Mexican expanded band activity was heard either day or night.


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