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Ecuadorian Shortwave Log

Compiled by Don Moore



Following are my detailed shortwave loggings made in Ecuador between October 27 and November 19, 1997. Equipment used was an unmodified Sony ICF-2010 receiver and Yaesu YH-77 headphones. For antennas, I had a Radio Shack clip-on-reel-in short wire antenna plus my twenty-year old Radio West ferrite loop antenna. I had planned to use the loop for medium wave only, but soon discovered that with the shortwave coil in place, it far outperformed the reel-in wire all the way through 8 MHz.


Loggings dated October 27 through November 11 were made in the city of Cuenca in southern Ecuador. There we stayed in an apartment complex about 3 kilometers from the city center. The complex consisted of about 100 apartments in several adjoining four story buildings. We were in a third-floor apartment. The complex was surrounded on three sides by residential neighborhoods (mostly one and two floor homes) and on the fourth side was flanked by a long narrow park bordering a narrow river. Generally, it was a very quiet location. The only significant noise troubles I had were from the kitchen and bathroom flourescents in our apartment, which my family quickly learned to avoid using when I was DXing!

Loggings dated November 14 through November 19 were made in Quito, where we finished up our trip after taking care of our adopted son's U.S. visa requirements in Guayaquil. We stayed in a small two-floor hostal on a quiet side street just two blocks from the HCJB studio/office complex. Again, it was a quiet location and I had no trouble with noise at all. Thanks to Ken and Polly MacHarg for finding this location for us.

The loggings use standard DX abbreviations and should be understood by experienced radio hobbyists. Many station identifications and other announcements have been transcribed here. Three questions marks, ???, indicate a word I was unable to understand. A (word?) in parentheses with a question mark indicate a word that I am not sure of.

Some of these announcements are "canned" and the identical announcements will continue to be heard on these stations. Other announcements were "live" and obviously will vary from time to time and announcer to announcer. Still, I think a close reading of these announcements would be useful for anyone interested in knowing more of the style and wording used in radio station identifications and announcements, especially for Peru and Ecuador. My next project is to go through my medium wave log and transcribe the many medium wave station IDS that I have recorded. Those logs will be added here once finished.

Not surprisingly, the Peruvians were the largest percentage of the stations logged on shortwave while in Ecuador. They boom in to both Cuenca and Quito. Most of northern Peru's "shortwave hotbed" including towns such as Huancabamba, Cutervo, and Yurimaguas are within 300 air miles of Cuenca, so DXing was possible in Cuenca all day long, especially on stations above 6 MHz. For example, Radio Oriente on 6188 put in excellent signals even in early and mid-afternoon. On the other hand, a lot of the northern Peruvians do not broadcast during the day, so only a few could be heard during these extended DX hours.


I very much enjoyed listening to both Peruvian and Ecuadorian stations with such good signals. I am quite a fan of the folk music. The most significant thing to me, however, was hearing stations in the Peruvian towns of Chota and Cutervo give their telephone numbers over the air. I visited these towns in 1985 and at that time they were remoted isolated communities. The bus ride from Cajamarca to Chota took twelve hours, and Cutervo was beyond that. I do not believe the road has been improved, but surely the improved communication of telephones has changed the character of the towns.

Also, I can't help but wonder if the modern development of cable television has reached the area. Two years ago while listening to Radio Satelite in Santa Cruz, I heard a progress report of that town's plan to put in a satelite dish and establish a cable TV network. I have not visited Santa Cruz, but understand that it is a similar-sized isolated community not far from Chota and Cutervo.

Over the past two decades, shortwave radio has thrived in the northern Andes of Peru primarily because it was used to send paid "comunicados" (personal announcements) from one town to another due to the lack of good communications. The presence of telephones in the region can only decrease that need, with a corresponding decrease in station revenues. Cable television, should it come in, will draw listeners away from radio stations. While I don't think the demise of mass shortwave broadcasting in Peru is imminent, do enjoy the coming sunspot peak. I suspect that by the following one the bands will be very empty of Latin American radio stations.


2340 ECUADOR Radio Central 1105-1115 Religious programming. Weak & lost quickly. 2x1170. (Nov 18) 1003 w/ religious pgm. Fair. (Nov 19) 1038-1038 w/ ads for Assamblea Nacional elections, incl a candidate for Chimborazo province. Also ad for a store on the road to Ba�os & one in Santa Rosa, plus of a psychologist in Riobamba. This all indicates this stn is Radio Central in Riobamba, although no actual ID was heard. (Nov 19)

2360 ECUADOR Radio Cuenca 1104 local harmonic w/ Ecuadorian folk, Ad for Farmacia San Carlos & Assamblea Nacional candidates. (Nov 11)

2390 USA WWCR 1007 Presumed the one w/ English hymns. Good signal. Can't imagine this doesn't QRM Atitlan in Guatemala. (Nov 19)

2480.3 ECUADOR Radio Sonorama 0002-0005 Presumed w/ good signal carrying futbol game. Mentions of Quito. One team was the Millionarios. Fundamental of 1240 not heard. (Nov 3) 1048-1108 Anmts, saludos to listeners, time check, Buenos Dias anmts to Riobamba and Chimborazo province. A bit distorted from overmodulation, but exc signal. "Sonorama" ID at 1055. Ad for Assamblea Nacional candidates. ID w/ call sign at 1059, then into cumbias. Ad for a Centro Medico. "Radio mejor programmacion...escuchenos." Nxcast Espectiva at 1106, promising "creativity in information". Good. (Nov 11) 1150 Presumed w/ good signal, pop mx. (Nov 16) 1120 Good w/ discussion about upcoming Assamblea Nacional elections. (Nov 18) 1003 w/ trop mx. Good. 1020 w/ ads, incl Lista 18. Exc.(Nov 19)

2560 ECUADOR UNID 1010-1040 Anmts about pgm of "musica ecuatoriana" & then local folk mx. ID at 1015, but name not clear. Pgm seemed to be Amanecer Ecuatoriano. Anmts for Assamblea Nacional elections. (Nov 19)

3200.4 UNID 0952-1010 Something here w/ southern Andean folk (e.g. southern Peru or Bolivia) & OM in mix of Indian lang & Spanish. Quite weak, very much a threshold signal. Not the Ecuadorian harmonic on 3200.6. Lots of ute QRM. (Nov 19)

3200.6 ECUADOR Ondas del Caluma - Thanks to Henrik Klemetz for pointing out correct ID of this one, which I had originally IDed as "Ondas del Salinas" due to distortion. Careful listening to my tapes (which I did not listen to in Ecuador) confirms the Ondas del Caluma IDs, as well as a mention of the "provincia de Bolivar" where the station is located. The logs: 0007-0021 Fair w/ ads incl one for Transportes Caluma, pop ballads, anmts, IDs. Program name was Alma Enamorada - "Estamos en el program Alma Enamorada, el programa exclusivo para recorder los momentos de vivir lleno de mucha alegria." 0040-0058 w/ ID. Also heard with better signal on fundamental of 1600.3 (Nov 3) 1125- 1145 Ecuadorian folk mx, time checks 5 minutes fast, ads for Assamblea Nacional elections. Fair despite ute QRM, but some overmodulation distortion. Community anmts at 1143. Also hrd on // 1600.3, weak. (Nov 18)

3210 COSTA RICA Radio Exterior de Espana 0105 Noted in passing w/ OM in Spanish. Presumed. (Oct 30)

3220 ECUADOR HCJB Quechua service 0105 Presumed w/ exc signal, trop mx. Best signal in 90 meters by far. (Oct 30)

3234.9 PERU Radio Luz y Sonido 0106-0122 Presumed w/ fair signal, anmts about a festival in Huanuco. Comunicado for someone in Cochamarca. More comunicados. Time check at 0117. Folk mx. Ad for "Discolandia ????", music store. (Oct 30) 1044 Presumed w/ religious anmts. Fair. (Nov 19)

3250.8 PERU Radio Comas Television 0014-0016 Presumed & noted in passing w/ OM anmt, romantic ballads. Poor. (Oct 29)

3280 ECUADOR La Voz del Napo - Not on at 1134 (Nov 18) Presumed w/ mass at 1044. Exc. (Nov 19) (Actually this one noted many times in passing, but not logged as well received in Iowa.)

3285 ECUADOR La Voz del Rio Tarqui 1150 w/ ID. Good (Nov 16) 1134 Exc w/ ID, community anmts. (Nov 18) Anmts, ID. (Nov 19) Also noted in passing several times during the morning in Cuenca, where it obviously boomed in.

3290 ECUADOR Radio Centro 1150 Presumed the one w/ Spanish language newscast. Good. (Nov 16) Not on at 1134 (Nov 18) Rarely noted in passing while tuning around.

3290 GUYANA Guyana B.C. 0819 Presumed the one w/ Hindu type chanting. Fair. (Nov 15)

3300 GUATEMALA TGNA 0821 Presumed w/ Central American guitar-based evangelical mx. Good. (Nov 15) 1046 Presumed w/ OM in Sp, ranchera mx. Exc. (Nov 19)

3324.8 GUATEMALA Radio Maya de Barillas 1046 Presumed w/ OM in Indian lang, "Jingle Bells". Good. (Nov 19)

3329.4 PERU Ondas del Huallaga 0016-0018 Presumed w/ weak signal of OM talk. No sign of CHU. 0032-0042 Fair w/ comunicados w/ many mentions of Huanuco. Ad for "Negociacion San Jorge," an agricultural supplies store. At 0036 into pgm Integracion Regional w/ this intro anmt: "Desde Huanuco, la ciudad del mejor clima del mundo Publicidad ??? presenta (long pause) Integracion Regional" followed by anmt for Ministerio de Agricola. This was a program about local govt & projects underway. Sounded like a paid political piece in connection with upcoming municipal elections. (If you need a bridge, go see the mayor and he'll get it for you.) 0050 Noted w/ good signal in passing. (Oct 29) 0100-0104 Fair w/ communicado, anmt about upcoming festival in San Sebastian de (Pillao?) with day-long sports competition followed by a dance in the evening. Comunicado for a man in Bellavista (a common town name throughout the Andes). ID "Es Ondas del Huallaga desde Huanuco para todo el territorio nacional" then more comunicados. Very weak CHU in background. (Oct 30) 2354-2401 w/ booming signal. Folk mx, anmts for ganaderos (cattle raisers). IDs at 2357, 2358. YL w/ comunicados for various locations, e.g. Cochabamba, (Quiropampa?), Chanchamayo. ID "el m�s potente Ondas del Huallaga ... Est� en sintonia de Ondas del Huallaga." Into pgm produced by the Instituto del Desarollo del Medio Ambiente, Caminos del ???. (Nov 2) Poor at 0321. (Nov 4) 1046 Presumed w/ Peruvian folk mx, CHU in background. (Nov 19)

3340 PERU Radio Altura 0110-0122 Presumed and good w/ civic anmts. Most interesting was that on Nov 15, the city of Cerro de Pasco would be providing civil marriages for couples that have not legalized their relationship. Interested couples simply had to show up with their birth certificates and an small photograph of each one (color or black & white). The mass ceremony would be followed by a luxurious party with both a folk and tropical band and a 25-layer cake. (Would that make the Guinness book?). The ancr noted that "there won't be another opportunity like this one." (Oct 30) Fair at 0321. (Nov 4) 1047 Presumed w/ OM Sp talk. Good. (Nov 19)

3360 GUATEMALA La Voz de Nahuala 1048 Presumed w/ religious talk in Mayan lang. Good. (Nov 19)

4039.9 PERU Radio Marginal 0107-0121 Presumed & very weak w/ lite pops & OM anmts. 2229 with YL talk. 4039.2 2250-2258 Weak w/ ad string, YL anmts, OM ID at 2255, then into pgm Integracion Musical del Peru, a 60 minute program hosted by Felix ??? Torres (Oct 28) Not on at 0320, 1041, 1107. (Nov 4) Not on at 1105 (Nov 16)

4190.4 PERU Radio San Juan 1126-1140 Fair w/ folk mx, OM anmts, possible ID at 1133. (Oct 29) 0215-0304* Good signal w/ folk mx w/ long dead air gaps between songs. Also some romantic pops & trop mx. Time check at 0232. Two IDs as Radio San Juan, e.g. "Est� es Radio San Juan, siempre." Suddenly off at 0304 after a song ended. No s/off anmts of any type. (Nov 4) 1033-1100 w/ folk mx program Amanecer en los Andes del Peru (a bit slurred, but I believe that was the name). Announced frequency as 4400 kHz. Long ad string at 1052. Ad mentioning "en este distrito de Aramango" and other ads mentioning Aramango. Ad for Bar- Restaurante El Choteno. Fair w/ some ute QRM. Loud morse QRM KO'ed at 1100. (Nov 4)

4419.7 PERU Radio Bambamarca 0238-0250 Fair w/ folk mx, anmt for a religious revival and mx concert by "La India Cassandra." IDs as "Lider, Radio Bambamarca" w/ "programa especial de m�sica nacional." Greetings by name to specific listeners in Trujillo and Lima. Still on at 0320 recheck. (Nov 4) Not on at 1109. (Nov 4)

4450.1 BOLIVIA Radio Frontera 1032 Presumed the one w/ threshold level mx. (Nov 18)

4460.9 PERU Radio Norandina 2228 Very weak in passing (Oct 28) 0204-0227 Good w/ mix of pop & folk mx, time checks, DJ chatter. Greetings to listeners in Cochabamba & Bellavista, other places. ID at 0221. Still on at 0320 recheck. (Nov 4) Folk mx at 1109. (Nov 4) 1102-1104 IDs & ads mixing w/ equal-level co- channel Spanish numbers stn. (Nov 16)

4485.3 PERU La Voz de Celendin - Not on at 2228 (Oct 28) 0155-0204 Presumed the one w/ huaynos. OM ancr gave thanks for listening to pgm & promised to return tomorrow. Played an instrumental hymn, then into canned rlg pgm. Strong carrier only noted at 0318 recheck. (Nov 4) Not on at 1109. (Nov 4) Not on at 1105 (Nov 16)

4534.1 PERU Radio Horizonte 2331-2358 No ID on this one, but I've since seen logs of Horizonte here. Noted good w/ folk mx, greetings, about five minutes of school anmts, then back to folk. DJ was Pepe B???. Ad for Distribudora Barreto, "el rey de los precios bajos." Identical ad hrd on Gotas de Oro just a few minutes lager. (Nov 17)

4568-4574v PERU Radio Gotas de Oro 2228 - Not on (Oct 28) 4571.8 at 1042-1053 Weak w/ folk mx, quick break for YL ID. Clothing store ad at 1051 w/ nice flutes in background. 4571.4 at 1110-1114 w/ folk mx, YL ID as simply "Gotas de Oro" also giving MW frequency of 1430. Stronger signal now. (Nov 4) 4573.7 at 2340-2410 w/ folk mx, anmt "Sintonia total con calidad musical" by YL every few songs. Ads at 2400, including Distribudora Barreto (same ad as on 4534.1 a few minutes earlier). Also ad for Distribudora de Confecciones Camaru (clothing store). Frequency amazingly stable for thirty minutes. (Nov 17) 4569.6 at 1034 w/ folk mx, "Sintonia total con calidad musical" anmts. Good. At 1044 on 4570.8. At 1045 on 4570.4. At 1058 on 4571.5. Ads at 1057 included a furniture workshop in Huancabamba (gave the telephone number). 4572.0 at 1108 w/ folk mx. 4571.7 at 1113. 4571.6 at 1142. (Nov 18) 4571.3 1055 w/ huaynos. Time check/ID: "Dos minutos para las seis de la ma�ana atraves de La Frecuencia 14- 30..." (Nov 19)

4591.3 PERU Unid 1122-1140 Very weak signal w/ Peruvian folk mx, ads w/ OM ancr. Very little understandable. (Oct 29)

4600 BOLIVIA Radio Perla de Acre. 2315 Presumed the one in poor w/ trop mx. (Nov 17)

4649.1 BOLIVIA Radio Santa Ana 2353-2407 Presumed w/ list of local bus departures for next day, many depending on whether or not there were enough passengers. Comunicados for various towns - Santa Elena, Campo Grande, Cochabamba. Mention for one person to reply via Radio Paititi. One person gave a shopping list - how much flour, sugar, salt, etc to bring back. Birthday greetings. (Nov 3) 2316 Poor w/ YL giving anmt about local plane schedule & ad for Bar Restaurant El Rey. (Nov 17)

4682.5 BOLIVIA Radio Paititi 2320-2325 Poor w/ anmts but definite IDs twice. Otherwise talk seemed like ads. Fortunately, the ancr really emphasized the stn name during the IDs, otherwise I would have lost those. (Nov 17)

4717.1 PERU Radio Soledad 1052-1102 Weak w/ huaynos, OM ancr, mentions of Parcoy & Trujillo. 1114-1134 Signal a bit clearer. Drifted between 4717.1 and 4717.0. Folk mx, time check, YL "en Radio Soledad" ID. (Nov 4)

4746.9 PERU Radio Huanta 2000 1011-1014 Presumed w/ folk mx, OM time check "en Huanta". Weak w/ ute QRM. (Nov 4)

4750 PERU Radio Francisco Solano 0024-0032 Weak w/ huaynos, OM anmts, ID at 0030: "... la frecuencia 4750 kilohertz trasmite Radio Francisco Solano al nivel nacional y internacional..." (Oct 29) 0250-0315 Presumed w/ Peruvian folk mx, time check at 0307, lots of saludos to listeners. Good signal, but lots of ute QRM & distorted audio. (Nov 4)

4752.5 PERU Unidentified 2328-2335 Poor w/ OM anmts, possible mention of Huarmaca. Cerveza Cristal ad. Lost to ute at 2335. Solano varying? (Nov 17) 1035 Poor w/ time check, anmts mentioning Cerro de Pasco, La Oroya, and San Juan Pasco. (Nov 18)

4755.2 BRAZIL Radio Ed Rural, Campo Grande 0817-0819 Presumed w/ OM Port talk. (Nov 15)

4765 BRAZIL Radio Rural Santarem 1014-1022 Presumed the one w/ Braz pops, OM ancr. Good. (Nov 4) 0817 Presumed w/ weak OM Port talk, ute QRM. (Nov 15)

4775 PERU Radio Tarma 1015-1022 Presumed w/ Peruvian folk mx, OM w/ ads. Weak. (Nov 4)

4779.8 ECUADOR Radio Oriental 0042-0053 Presumed w/ Fair signal, Ad for "Papeleria Mary." Mentions of Napo. Medical talk, then into pops. (Oct 29) 1055-1102 Surprised to hear this one w/ huaynos at tune-in . Ads for Partido Social Cristiano and Almacen Agropecuaria y Ganadero store on 9 de Octubre y 15 de Noviembre. At 1101 station ID and anmt that the station is looking to hire a cleaning person (perhaps a good opportunity for a DXer looking for a job in Latin American radio....) (Nov 16)

4785.1 ECUADOR Radio Federacion Shuar 1437-1450 Presumed the one w/ good signal & OM alternating between Spanish and an Indian language. Instrumental pop mx. (Oct 29)

4790 PERU Radio Atlantida 1016-1023 Good w/ ad for Agricula San Francisco. Other ads w/ mentions of Iquitos. Info about fungus that attack platano (plantain) plants. Time check w/ ID. Ad for Commercial Morales construction equipment store. (Nov 4)

4799.8 GUATEMALA Radio Buenas Nuevas 0307-0309 Presumed w/ religious mx. Good. (Nov 4) 1119 Exc w/ guitar-based religious mx. Presumed (Nov 18)

4805 BRAZIL Rdif do Amazonas 0950 Presumed w/ OM in Portuguese giving the temperture in Manaus. Fair. (Nov 19)

4815 BRAZIL Rdif Londrina 0815-0817 Presumed the one weak w/ Portuguese evangelical program. (Nov 15)

4815 ECUADOR Radio Buen Pastor 0310-0313 Exc signal w/ pop mx, anmt as "su emisora preferida" then thanks for listening & promise to return the next morning with folk mx in background (great flutes). Then into Ecuadoran anthem. No actual ID. (Nov 4)

4819.3 HONDURAS HRVC 1053-1057 Presumed w/ Central American style ranchera mx w/ religious themes. Exc. (Nov 16) 1119 Exc w/ La Biblia Dice pgm. Presumed. (Nov 18)

4824.5 PERU La Voz de la Selva 1023-1036 Presumed w/ mix of trop mx & cumbias. Anmts w/ greetings to various towns around Iquitos at 1033. Strong but heavy het from 4825.0, presume the Brazilian. (Nov 4)

4830 VENEZUELA Radio Tachira 1024-1025 Good & presumed w/ anmt about "todo el pueblo de San Cristobal" noted in passing. (Nov 4)

4831.9 COSTA RICA Radio Reloj 0814 Presumed w/ Sp pops. Exc. (Nov 15)

4835 GUATEMALA Radio Tezulutlan 0048-0052 Presumed the one noted in passing w/ fair signal, OM in Mayan lang, mentions of several Guatemalan place names. (Oct 29) 1146 Presumed w/ OM Mayan talk. Exc signal. (Nov 18)

4840.1 PERU Radio Andahuaylas 1026-1036 Presumed w/ fair signal, folk mx, anmts mentioning Andahuaylas. Some ute QRM. (Nov 4)

4847.1 UNID 0945-0948 Spanish YL w/ discussion of health issues until blown away by s/on of strong carrier on 4845.2. Very weak. (Nov 19)

4890.2 PERU Radio Chota 2308-2315 Presumed w/ good signal. YL ancr w/ info on church services in Chota followed by ad for a cheese shop in Chota. Into folk mx. (Nov 3) 0155-0207 Good/ w/ ID as "Radio Chota, tu alegria musical." Ad for Super Cholita store. Bits of folk mx between anmts. S/off anmts at 0203, gave telephone numbers. Anmts ended at 0204 and then just dead air w/ open carrier (no anthem). Still open carrier at 0207 tune-out. (Nov 5) 1146-1156 w/ string of local anmts & comunicados, incl one to a man who was told to return to Chota due to illness in the family. Ancr mentioned taking one item from Radio Sudamerica (the stn on 5522 khz). ID at 1155: "...con un mensaje de peruanidad, cultura, y servicio, Radio Chota, OBX2D, 1310 onda media - OAZ2B, 4890 onda corta. Se�ales potentes para llegar donde usted desee - Radio Chota, Jiron (? Valera?) 690, telefono 71-12-40, Chota, Peru." (Nov 18)

4895 PERU Radio Chanchamayo 0313-0315 Presumed the one w/ threshold level Peruvian folk mx. (Nov 4)

4920 ECUADOR Radio Quito 0813 huge signal in Quito splattering between 4900 to 4940 in narrow filter of ICF-2010. (Nov 15)

4949.8 ECUADOR Radio Bahai 1040 Presumed w/ Ecuadorian folk, YL in Quichua. Good. (Nov 18) 0942-1002 Exc w/ pasillos, OM in Quichua talking about the ma�ana (morning - one of the few Spanish words he used frequently). Mention of Bahai. Into Ecuadorian folk mx. YL ID in Quichua then Spanish time check at 1101. (Nov 19)

4969.7 PERU Radio Imagen 1028-1038 w/ trop mx, greetings, TC "... de la madrugada aqui en la Radio Imagen." Fair. (Nov 4) 4969.9 at 1046 Presumed w/ anmts about development in San Martin department. Good (Nov 18)

4980 VENEZUELA Ecos del Torbes 1153 Presumed w/ ad for Almacen London. Good. (Nov 18)

4985 BRAZIL Radio Brasil Central 0810-0813 Presumed the one w/ OM/YL phone-ins in Portuguese. Fair. (Nov 15)

4990.9 PERU Radio Ancash 1050-1057 Presumed w/ folk mx, time check in voice over song. Good. (Nov 16) 0940-0950 Presumed w/ OM in Quechua. Seemed to be a health pgm as mentions of several diseases by their Spanish names. Good. (Nov 19)

4995.6 PERU Radio Andina 1047-1050 w/ instr Andean mx, ID. Fair w/ some ute QRM. (Nov 16)

5019.4 COLOMBIA Ecos del Atrato 1038-1050 Good w/ romantic mx, time check. Anmt about a medical doctor who would be attending people for free at the cathedral, then more church anmts. Anmt about taking care of the environment. Ads for "Supermercado Simpatico," & place selling high-speed copy machines. Also ad for sports equipment store (noting that now Quibde�os don't have to travel to other cities to buy basketball uniforms). Mentions of Caracol, but clearly local programming as many mentions of Quibdo and Choco. Stn ID at 1048. QRM from presumed Radio Horizonte on 5020.0, but this much stronger. Mention of FM on 91.9 MHz, I believe. (Nov 4)

5019.8 PERU Radio Horizonte 1215-1238 Good w/ ad for "Produciones Marisel" and for a panderia on Jiron Bolivar in Leimebamba. Ad for potato herbicide listing several places in Chachapoyas that sell the product. ID "Desde el corazon de Chachapoyas, Radio Horizonte" at 1228. Comunicado, pop mx. Other ID "La mejor m�sica tenemos aqui en Radio Horizonte." Anmt about necessity of preserving the environment, especially taking care of trees and other plants. (Nov 3) 1154 noted in passing w/ Peruvian folk mx. Good. (Nov 18)

5025 PERU Radio Quillabamba 1031-1036 Presumed w/ poor signal, folk mx, OM anmts. (Nov 4) 2220-2240 Presumed w/ huaynos & ads mentioning Quillabamba, incl Farmacia Valenzuela and Laborotio Willy (that what it sounded like). Also a ferreteria. Many ads for places on Calle San Martin. Long list of comunicados. (Nov 14)

5030 CHINA CPBS 1044-1047 Presumed w/ OM & YL in Chinese. Good. (Nov 16)

5030 COSTA RICA Radio Lira 1238 Presumed the one w/ exc signal in passing. English discussion of viral diseases. (Nov 3)

5054.6 COSTA RICA Faro del Caribe 0316-0318 Presumed the one w/ English rlg pgm. Good. (Nov 4)

5060.2 ECUADOR Radio Sistema Progreso 0052-0059 Good w/ end of Ecuador y Su Musica program. S/off & end of pgm anmt: "Bien, se�oras y se�ores, ??? hemos llegado nosotros con el programa Ecuador y su Musica. Hemos difundido lo m�s preciosa, lo m�s bella de la cancion ecuatoriana. Un desfile total y completo de los m�s ??? y ??? interpretes que hacen de nuestra m�sica lo m�s bello de lo ???. Hemos presentado Ecuador y su M�sica, muy respectablemente la cancion criolla a todo lo largo y lo ancho del territorio patrio. Agradecerles se�oras y se�ores por la sintonia prestada. Los invitamos para que escuchan otra (a few words not clear)... trasmite a la misma hora y en el mismo punto de ??? de su receptor. Gracias mil por su sintonia. Buenas noches. Que pasan ustedes de lo mejor son los enteros deseos de (a few garbled words) servidor, Efrain Herrera Guerrera, gerente propietario de Radiodifusora Nacional Progreso. De la misma manera se�oras y se�ores, ya vamos a finalizar nuestro labor radial...(several sentences not transcribed)... Ha trasmitido desde Loja en la Republica del Ecuador, pais amazonica por historia y por derecho, Radiodifusora Nacional Progreso ??? en sus dos frecuencias, ondas corta y larga. Gracias, mil gracias por ??? sintonizado. Buenas noches..." Into anthem. A very well done s/off anmt. A real pleasure to listen to. Note the part about Ecuador being an Amazon nation by history and right. An obvious reference to the boundry dispute with Peru. (Oct 29) 2120-2152 Exc signal w/ sports nx mixed w/ jazz pieces. Farmacia Loja ad. Into local & national nx, then pops at 2150. Playing pasillos at 2219 recheck. (Nov 17)

5090 UNID 1112-1116 Two way Spanish radiotelephone conversation in AM mode. One stn was playing local radio in background w/ tropical mx, which seemed to be causing problems for the other station in understanding him. (Nov 16)

5125 CHINA CPBS 1112 Presumed weak w/ CC OM talk. (Nov 16)

5163 CHINA CPBS 1112 Presumed weak w/ CC OM talk. (Nov 16)

5265 PERU Radio 5264 1120-1210 Presumed w/ mix of Peruvian folk and Ecuadorian pasillos. Saludos at 1145 to listeners in Bambamarca, Jaen, Chota, Cutervo, Celendin, & Huancabamba. Mention of "en esta ciudad de Chiriaco. Several other mentions of Chiriaco. Into ranchera mx at 1154. More greetings at 1205. Fair, then faded to weak, then back to fair. Occasional ute QRM. Anmts about the local Colegio Tupac Amaru at 1210. (Nov 4) Not on at 1105 (Nov 16)

5323.6 PERU Radio Origen 2349-2353 Presumed the one w/ folk mx & OM anmts. Very weak, threshold signal. (Nov 2) Not on at 0320. (Nov 4) Not on at 1105 (Nov 16)

5384.9 PERU Radio Huarmaca 0120-0124 Good w/ ID, comunicados, folk mx. Heavy echo effect on anmts. (Nov 3) Not on at 0320. (Nov 4) Not on at 1105 (Nov 16)

5420 UNID 1127 Heavily FMing signal w/ OM talk, possible mention of "peruano". Maybe a local spur, but not a harmonic as frequency doesn't work out. Very tough to understand. Fair. (Nov 4) Not on at 1105 (Nov 16)

5470.4 PERU Radio San Nicolas 0113-0121 Presumed w/ fair signal w/ folk mx and time check. 2230-2249 Weak w/ ID at tune- in, OM anmts about Mendoza with pops in the background, then ads w/ many mentions of San Nicolas. (Oct 28) 0058-0118 Presumed w/ Ad for Distribudora Barreto, folk mx, time check. Greetings to listeners in Bagua, Olmos, and Santa Rosa (Oct 29) 0124-0127 w/ long promo for La Gran Fiesta de su Cumplea�os, their birthday greetings program. Several IDs. "...Radio San Nicolas, nos brinda el mejor cari�o con sus saludos musicales" and "Radio San Nicolas, bien rica radio." (Nov 3) 5470.9 at 1132-1138 ID, greetings to ganaderos listening in and to listeners in Huambo, Cochamal, and El Paraiso. Played huayno "Cholita Linda". ID "Esta en sintonia de Radio San Nicolas." Said on the air from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. (local) with "buena musica". (Nov 4)

5498 PERU Radio Lajas - not on at 2228 (Oct 28) 0128-0135 Presumed w/ good signal. Huaynos, time checks. Greetings to listener in Jaen, comunicado to a listener in San Jose in Porvenir. Ad for a cheese factory in Lajas. Many mentions of Lajas in string of comunicados. ID at 0132 then continued with "saludos musicales", or musical greetings. (Nov 3) Fair at 0321. (Nov 4) Not on at 1105 (Nov 16)

5522.3 PERU Radio Sudamerica - Not on at 2228 (Oct 28) 1239-1253 Good w/ time check to background of the theme song from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. ID "Desde Cutervo, Cajamarca, Peru, America del Sur, transmite Radio Sudamerica, onda media 1060, onda corta 5525 kilohertz. Con nuestras oficinas ubicados en Jiron Ramon Garcia 491, tercer nivel, Plaza de Armas. Telefonos 074-713-390 y 074-73-74-43. Con orgullo decimos somos Radio Sudamerica, una se�al cutervina llegando al todo el Peru y el mundo." (I'm not sure if I copied those phone numbers correctly. I've relistened to the tape, but the ancr goes through the numbers very quickly. I'm more sure of the second one. I have transcribed them exactly as said, hence the mix of three and two digit groups.) Also ID "Cochabamba escucha Radio Sudamerica en 1060," "En Jaen, Radio Sudamerica, 1060," and "Radio Sudamerica, 1060, super �xitos." Mix of pop mx & Ecuadorian pasillos. 2310- 2313 Presumed w/ faith healer telling about people coming from as far as Yurimaguas and Moyobamba to use his services in Cutervo. Twice in three minutes he emphasized "No es brujeria" (It isn't witchcraft). (Nov 3) Not on at 0320. (Nov 4) 1138 - noted in passing w/ romantic mx and time check. Good signal. (Nov 4) Not on at 1105 (Nov 16) 2127-2202 Good w/ time check, ID, mix of Sp pops, huaynos, & Peruvian folk mx. Happy Birthday greetings to a girl in Miraflores neighborhood, Lima (400 miles distant). (Nov 17) 2245-2251 Ad for Hostal Cordal noting that "Conocer Cutervo es como descubrir el paraiso" ('Getting to know Cutervo is like discovering paradise.' Of course, I've visited Cutervo, and while it is an OK place to visit, I think paradise is quite an overstatement!). Long ad string including Bar Picanteria El Gran Rinconcito Peruano and El Hermano Silva, an expert in natural medicine. Into huaynos. Good. (Nov 17) Not on at 1104, but on at 1116 recheck. (Nov 18)

5556 COLOMBIA Aeradios 2132 Ipiales calling first Popayan and then Cali, but no joy. Wanted to get authorization for a flight. Good signal. 2136 Popayan answered Ipiales when they tried again. Exchanged communication about Satena flight 9333 from Puerto Asis to Ipiales. More messages between Popayan and Ipiales on same flight at 2158. (Nov 17)

5629.9 PERU Radio Ilucan 0008-0025 Good signal w/ comunicado for listeners in Bagua Grande, Rodriguez de Mendoza, & Colca. Very professional string of ads, incl Cerveza Cristal. Lots more comunicados. Panderia ad. Comunicado for a man in Miraflores whose mother in Tacabamba was sick, necessitating his return as soon as possible. Ad for the Centro Naturalista de Supervivencia in Cutervo. Bits of folk mx between the many ads and other anmts. 0053-0121 w/ folk mx followed by a very long anmt for the "Gran Campa�a del Milagro", a faith-healing Pentecostal revival lead by the Pastor Fernando Rojas coming to Cutervo on Oct 30. Then into folk mx. 0154-0202 w/ folk mx. 2218- 2228 w/ ads "Por Ilucan" ID, romantic mx, into local nx. (Oct 28) 1141-1149 Good w/ folk mx, time check over the song. Mix of chickens crowing and cows mooing followed by intro to program "Acontesur (spelling?) Agrario". Ad for local store "Bazar Christian" followed by "Impressiones Tanay (spelling?) in Cutervo. Also ad for Lozeria San Miguel. (Oct 29) 1256 Noted in passing w/ anmts. Much weaker than Radio Sudamerica. (Nov 3) Not on at 0320 (Nov 4) 1140 Promo anmt for "El Gran Bautizmo" religious meeting, into folk mx. Heavy splatter from stn on 5637.4. (Nov 4) 1105 w/ end of song, ID. Fair w/ some ute QRM. (Nov 16) 2143-2146 Folk mx, ID voice-over song. Good. Again at 2202 w/ anmts. Told one coule to listen at a particular time the next day for a musical greeting to be played to them. Election anmt urging people to vote against the corrupt alcalde (mayor) of San Andres on Nov 23. Cerveza Cristal ad. (Nov 17) 1051-1057 Exc w/ huaynos. Ads for Bayer agricultural insecticides, Cerveza Cristal, same Bayer ad repeated, Importdora Lima. Anmt from the Ministerio de Salud about being sure to take kids to the doctor when they are sick. Different ad for Bayer insecticides. (Nov 18)

5637.3 PERU Radio Peru/Estudio 97 rock mx, ID at 0005: "Desde la provincia de San Ignacio, ??? zoologica, tierra de la rica floresta (several garbled words), trasmite Estudio 97 en simultaneo con la frecuencia internacional. Somos Estudio 97, la radio de primer lugar." (Oct 28) 1150-1205 Presumed and fair w/ ad string, time check, mix of trop and pop mx. (Oct 29) 1253-1304 Weak w/ ute QRM. Ad string, incl ad for a Libreria. Mentions of San Ignacio. Spanish pops. Program name Buenos Dias, Peru. Same canned ID as in previous log, only not as clear this time. (Oct 29) 1256-1306 Pop mx. Anmt for end of program, "??? un estilo diferente en radio, Estudio 97 present� Buenos Dias Peru. Han sido 90 minutos con la mejor m�sica del mundo. Buenos Dias Peru en la radio de primer lugar, Estudio 97, ??? ???" Then short pop mx bridge followed by same ID from first day's log. Also slogan "Siente un cambio." (Nov 3) Not on at 0320. (Nov 4) 1140-1157 Good w/ mix of Sp & Eng pops, ad for store on Jiron Santa Rosa. "Estudio 97" ID at 1151. Ads for "Libreria Edwin" and "Electronica Chiclayo" at 1155. Ad for a peluqueria (hair stylist) across the street from the San Ignacio municipal bldg at 1157. (Nov 4) Not on at 1105 (Nov 16) 2148-2155 Fair w/ Sp pops, OM anmts in voice-over songs. Presumed. Not on at 2350 recheck. (Nov 17) Note: No IDs as Radio Peru were ever heard on this one, but that is the name this station is listed under. All that I heard was the slogan "Estudio 97".

5645.9 PERU La Voz de San Antonio not on at 2228 (Oct 28) Not on at 1105 (Nov 16)

5650 UNID USB radiotelephone. 2220 Three-way traffic w/ mention of either Mocabamba or Moyobamba. (Nov 17)

5710 UNID USB radiotelephone. Noted frequent Sp radiotelephone conversations here, often two or three different two-way conversations going at same time. Only time I spent any real time listening to this was 2215-2220 on Nov 17. I heard Barranquillo (yes ...llo) calling Pastaza and Mitu calling Chanchacocha. (Nov 17) Mitu is a town in the Colombian selva and Pastaza a province and river in the Ecuadorian jungle.

5719.8 ECUADOR - TAME airline communications. 1153-1155 USB comms about bus departures, passenger numbers, mentions of Cuenca and Machala. Presumedly this having to do with busing of passengers to Latacunga airport while Quito airport was closed down for repaving. (Oct 29) 2317-2318 Two OMs talking about TAME flight to Cuenca. (Nov 3) 2304-2306 TAME communications about Guayaquil-Cuenca flight. (Nov 17) 1225 Communications w/ "Control" (Quito?) about Guayaquil & Cuenca flights. One side made request of other to help his niece get on a particular flight later that day, giving name. (Nov 18)

6015 SINGAPORE Radio Singapore International 1144 A surprise, noting this in passing w/ English nx & ID. Fair, but not there at 1202 recheck. (Nov 6) 1117-1146 Interview, nx, press review. Good at tune-in, but fading by 1140. (Nov 16)

6035 COLOMBIA La Voz de Guaviare 1146-1149 w/ ads, time check & YL ID. Fair signal strength, but tough copy due to splatter from Radio Marti on 6030. (Nov 6)

6064.5 COLOMBIA Colmundo Radio 1149-1151 Good w/ Colombian nx & time check. (Nov 6)

6117 COLOMBIA La Voz del Llano - not on at 1154 check. (Nov 6)

6188.0 PERU Radio Oriente 1445-1515 Exc signal w/ IDs, anmts about local schools and greetings to listeners at schools, including an agricultural high school. Many IDs in passing. Cumbias. Long ad string, including local soft drink bottler "Embotelladora Yurimaguas" followed by a very interesting ad for "Licores Regionales LC", which produces various liquors including aguardiente (usually a very potent flavorless plain alcohol) with local flavorings added. Names ranged from "bee honey" to "cat's claws." The ancr stressed that all of these were made with "legitimate aguardiente" from the town of Lamas. Also an ad for a buyer of wood (logs), which is interesting in terms of deforestation of the Amazon. Anmts about the Municipio of Barranca. Ads for Ladrillos San Pablo ("Build good houses for your kids"), Cerveza Cristal, and the Casa Rural de Ahorro y Credito. Anmts about the achievements of the local govts of the Municipalidades of Pastaza and Lagunas, with emphasis on the good things that the alcalde (mayor) has done, presumedly in connection with upcoming local elections. Ad for Restaurante Rosita. Into comunicados. (Oct 29) 2316 - Not on at check. (Nov 3) 1210-1223 Exc w/ ads for Farmacia Agramiro, Tienda Commercial La Favorita, Ladrillos San Pablo, Botica Angamos, Cerveza Cristal, & Chifa Lung Fu ("as good as any Chinese food in Lima" - chifa is a common word for a Chinese restaurant in the Andean countries). Anmmts about the municipalidades of Lagunas and Pastaza. Anmt for "El Class Agramiro" which seemed to be something to do with classes in medicine. Into nx at 1217 w/ ID, local nx "El Instante Noticias de Radio Oriente." Nx item about the Committee for Self-Defense. News of marches and meetings being held to protest poor treatment at the local office of the Peruvian Social Security Office (IPSS) w/ references to the "victimas". Gave the names of the streets through which protestors were to march through. Time checks consistently 3 minutes fast. (Nov 4) 1116-1117 Presumed w/ tropical mx. Exc. (Nov 16)

6203.7 PERU Radio Cusco 2238-2248 Presumed, weak but clear w/ sports program. (Oct 28)

6261.2 PERU JVL Radio 2319-2340 Poor w/ mix of folk and trop mx in pgm Atardecer Campesino - "el programa ??? especialmente para todos los hombres del campo." ID as "JVL, la radio total." Greetings to listeners, school anmts. TC as "La hora Inca Kola en todo el pais." Ad for an electrical repair place. (Nov 3)

6329.0 PERU Estacion C 1204-1211 Fair, apparently in midst of s/on anmt at tune-in, giving names of people working - ??? Hernandez ??? was the announcer, general collaboration of Santos Hernandez ??? and at the controls, Carlos Vazquez, sound engineer. "Se�oras y Se�ores, en esta manera estamos ya iniciando con lo mejor de esta m�sica folclorica de la ??? popular peruano. Un saludo cordial para nuestros oyentes en los diferentes pueblos del Peru. Un saludo cordial a todos nuestros amigos que nos escuchan en el caserio (Carrizal?) que en esta hora tambien esta escuchando el programa Aires de mi Tierra en Estaci�n C, la radio." Greetings to listeners in departments of Cajamarca and Huanuco and "todos los departamentos donde se extienden las poderosas ondas de Estaci�n C, la radio." Into huaynos. (Oct 29) Not on at 0320. (Nov 4) 1204-1225 w/ Peruvian nx, ID: Trasmite Radio Estaci�n C desde Moyobamba para todo el Peru. Estaci�n C, la radio que (apunta?) al futuro. (Short folk mx bridge) Al nivel nacional e internacional, presenatamos Aires de mi Tierra ... (ediciones?) musicales (enteras?) m�s mejor a los pueblos del Peru. ??? conduci�n ??? Hernando Olano. Y bienvenidos se�oras y se�ores a nuestra programaci�n que correspondiente al dia de hoy. Al nombre de (unclear phrase) en nuestro ??? de collaboradores, aqui est� la mejor m�sica de su preferencia al estilo de Aires de mi Tierra." Into folk mx. Later, second anmt with ID: "...siete de la ma�ana con trece minutos. En esta manera nuestros amables oyentes, se�ora y se�ores, estamos iniciando nuestro programaci�n de Aires de mi Tierra correspondiente al dia de hoy, martes, 18 de noviembre de 1997. El nombre de ??? amigo quien les habla, en la direcci�n y conduci�n, Hedgar Hernandez Olano y a los controles t�cnicos, Carlitos (Narriega?). Se�oras y se�ores, en esta manera, felices y contentos para continuar con ??? mejor de ??? m�sica folclorica, a traves de Estaci�n C, la radio, la emisora que trasmite desde Moyobamba para todo el Peru. Queremos saludar en el dia de hoy a todos nuestros amigos que est�n en sintonia en los diferentes lugares de ??? territorio peruano. Muchas gracias por su preferencia." Back to folk mx. Good. (Nov 18)

6479.8 PERU Radio Altura 1903-1913 Fair w/ ads mentioning Huarmaca, anmts, bits of folk mx. ID at 1910: "Huarmaca, distrito andino en el departamento de Piura. Ubicado a dos mil punto (ciento?) metros sobre el nivel del mar. Latitud, el 5 grados, 34 centigrados (a few words garbled). Extension, dos mil, doscientos catorce kilometros cuadrados. Lleno de (encantores?) paisajes con (garbled words). Desde aqui, trasmite Radio Altura (garbled words)." Then time check, comunicado. (Oct 27) 0059-0116 fast-talking ancr w/ TC & ID, many comunicados. One for the family in San Martin Dept. of a man who had just arrived in Huarmaca & wanted his family to know that he had arrived and was in good health. Many other comunicados to San Martin Dept. Time checks, into folk mx at 0107. (Nov 3) Not on at 0320 (Nov 4)

6520 CHINA CPBS 1123 Presumed weak w/ CC OM talk. (Nov 16)

6535.5 PERU Rdif Huancabamba 1907-1915 Fair w/ trop mx, YL ancr w/ ID, then OM ancr. (Oct 27) Good at 1140 (Nov 6) Not on at 1123 (Nov 16) 1213-1221 w/ ad for Commercial Chinchay, folk mx w/ Ma�anitas Populares voice-overs. Greetings to a listener in Barrio La Villa. Ancr gave long spiel about waking early - "One has to get up early because in the morning God will help you. On the other hand, you can find Death still sleeping, always sleeping.... So, unstick your eyelashes and throw the sheets aside ... Take a bath because a bath in the morning is good for the health..." Went on to say that beginning on Dec 1, this program would begin at 4 a.m. so as to accompany everyone, in the city, in the country, bus and truck drivers, and travelers." Gave pgm name as Ma�anitas Populares. (Nov 18)

6674.6 PERU Radio Ondas del Rio Mara�on 1211-1250 Fair w/ trop mx, & birthday greeting to a listener in the caserio of Miraflores with "Happy Birthday" song. Then into folk mx. At 1242, ancr gave "la hora nacional" and then birthday greetings to same listener with anmt "Con mucho amor y cari�o, han selecionado estas hermosas canciones a trav�s de Radio Ondas del Rio Mara�on" about how her friends had selected the following songs to be dedicated to her. Then into huayno. Another TC at 1245 followed by anmts with mention of Aramango, just up river from Bagua, and the caserio of Tomar� (Tonal�?). Time anmts consistently four minutes fast. (Oct 29) 1155-1232 Presumed as no IDs heard. Folk mx, time checks about every ten minutes w/ greetings to listeners (Nov 2) Not on at 0320. (Nov 4) 1123-1134 Huaynos, ID. Fair. (Nov 16) 1209-1223 Huaynos, Gave program sked at 1221 - the campo pgm of folk mx between 6-8 a.m., the "La Hora de la Cumba Peruana" at 8 a.m. Greetings to listeners in Buenos Aires, Bellavista, Arenal. Comunicado to a man in Aramango and to someone else in the provincia de Lamas. Mx was strong, but audio on anmts seemed to drop off in audio level (Nov 18)

6726 PERU Radio Satelite - not on at 2228. 2303-2315 Good signal. In middle of national anthem at tune-in, then into s/on anmt, "Buenas tardes, Peru. Buenas tardes, Santa Cruz. La Empresa Individual de Responsibilidad Limitada de Comunicaciones Radio Satelite desde la provincia de Santa Cruz, departamento de Cajamarca en la Region Nororiental del Mara�on da in�cio a los labores correspondientes al dia de hoy. (Pause for siren type noises.) Radio Satelite, al servicio de la educacion, cultura, deporte, industria y comercio. Radio Satelite, con su nueva oficina en Jiron Cutervo 543, provincia de Santa Cruz, est� en servicio de los pueblos de las instituciones de toda la familia, llegando a sus hogares con m�sica, noticias, mensajes, comunicados, ??? sociales, culturales ??? ???. Radio Satelite, ??? ???, amplia cobertura. Radio Satelite es una empresa individual de responsibilidad limitada, legalmente constituida cuyo ??? gerente es el Se�or Sabino Llamo Chavez. Aqui iniciamos la trasmision de Radio Satelite." Followed by folk mx. (Oct 28) Strong at 0318 (Nov 4) Not on at 2312 (Nov 17)

6811.2 PERU Radio Ondas del Rio Mayo 1914-1940 Good w/ romantic mx, DJ chatter, time check, mentions of Nueva Cajamarca, then into harp-based folk mx. (Oct 27) 0108-0113 Exc signal w/ ID "Siempre contigo, Ondas del Rio Mayo." Great huaynos. (Nov 3) Not on at 0320. (Nov 4) Good at 1140. (Nov 6) 1147 Presumed w/ comunicados. (Nov 16)

7040.3 PERU Radio San Ignacio 1917-2000 Weak w/ real mix of mx styles. First "Hotel California" then into trop mx, time check, then into Peruvian folk. Then back to rock, followed by some cumbias. Ad for Inversiones Santa Cruz (a store in San Ignacio) and anmt for family planning. Anmt about local stn listeners' club at 1958: "Oyentes de Radio San Ignacio, Empresa Individual de Responsibilidad Limitada, se�al de peruanidad. Comunicamos a nuestros oyentes que esta radio ha ??? el club de oyentes para entregarles con el respectivo carnet. Por lo tanto, los amigos que desean libremente pertenecer a nuestro club de oyentes, acercarse a nuestras oficinas para que ??? instrucion. Avenida Santa Rosa 751. Telefono 074 71 32 38 en la provincia de San Ignacio." Very choppy programming with lots of dead air spots. (Oct 27) 2258-2303* End of huayno at tune-in, then ID (probably canned): "Escucha Radio San Ignacio ??? m�sica �nica en su genero. Radio versatil, el m�s ???, el mejor material musical, locuci�n moderada sin interrupci�nes, equipo con tecnologia de punta, trasmision de (ventos?) indirectos, competentes staff de professionales en la comunicacion, ??? administracion ??? y din�mica. Nuestra se�al musical se escucha en todo el Peru. (Short bit of pop mx.) Sintoniza Radio San Ignacio en los siete mil cuarenta kilohertz onda corta, proximamente en la frecuenca modulada. Y solicitan nuestros servicios en Jiron Santa Rosa numero 751. San Ignacio Radio, (pureisima?)" Next huayno excerpt followed by different apparently live ancr with time check & s/off anmt w/ loud huayno in background: "Se�oras y Se�ores, amigos de todo el pais, en esta manera hemos llegado al parte final de nuestra trasmision correspondiente de hoy, martes 28 de octubre de 1997. (Portion not clear due to loud background mx.) (Agradezandoles?) a todos ??? ustedes por su sintonia. (Second portion not clear.) Invitandoles nuevamente a sintonizarnos el dia de ma�ana a partir a las seis en punto de la ma�ana cuando estaremos nuevamente en el aire ???ando nuestra programacion. Se�oras y se�ores, al nombre de la gerencia administracion, al nombre de los radiolocutores, al nombre de los amigos escuchadores, ??? mil gracias a todos ??? ustedes. Esperamos ??? nuevamente el dia de ma�ana a partir de las seis en punto de la ma�ana. Bueno, seguimos escuchando las agradables notas de nuestro himno nacional del Peru." Anmt finished at 2302, then into national anthem. Yes, the first ancr clearly did say "staff" and that is not a Spanish word! (Oct 28) Not on at 1105 (Nov 16)

7141.7 PERU Radio Ayabaca 1935-2013 Fair w/ program La Hora de la Cumbia. Time anmts, greetings to listeners in the Distrito of Suyo. Anmts "Su programa super sintonizado por toda la tarde" and "La Hora de la Cumbia, con mucho cari�o." Other greetings to listeners, incl to any Policia Nacional listening in. Comunicado for listener in Tumbes. 2052- 2100 same program continuing. IDs at 2100: "Radio Ayabaca, la radio que est� en corazon del pueblo" and "Radio Ayabaca, la emisora que est� siempre contigo." (Oct 27) 0005 - not on during check. 2218 - on with huaynos. (Oct 28) Fair at 1140 (Nov 6) Not on at 1105 (Nov 16)


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